God knows Eagles better than anyone, and when God Spoke through Moses in Deuteronomy 32:11 saying that He, like an Eagle stirred Israel’s nest; God was providing some deep understanding on life’s storms and trials.  I learned this week from Matt Willis the author of “Learning to Soar”,  that baby eagles grow fat and lazy all comfy cozy in their huge nests not really motivated to get out there and soar, since Daddy Eagle brings food eight times a day. So when their parents since it time to fly they, “stir the nest”, meaning they take out all the soft material, soft grass etc… leaving the babies to rest on the prickly bones and sticks making up the structure of the nest. With things growing more uncomfortable, the parents then quit bringing meals and at times actually fly it by teasing the hungry babies dropping lunch in front of them to the ground.

Things were pretty prickly for 400 years of bondage and then some time of plagues, so that the Israelites  needed to get to the promise land and soar for sure, but I love to see that God has surly stirred my nest and reflecting on that fact lead me to consider and fast forward to the soaring part. Being a hunter I can assure you that when the wind begins to blow hard most birds and animals head for their beds, if a storm is coming things clear out for sure, all but the Eagle for they have another strategy. They know how to ride the thermals up above the storm and actually use storms to their advantage. Who doesn’t love Isaiah 40:31  “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;”.

I get a picture that as a storm of life comes I spread my wings of faith, (trusting fully in the Father) majestic as an Eagle and resting in the Wind of the Holy Spirit’s guidance I rise up to Jesus my beloved and there in that place is blessing beyond my understanding. The storms actually carry me to Jesus, but it’s not all that easy and that’s what makes it all the more of an adventure, invigorating and just plain fun.

Consider this video below of learning to soar in a glider.  Note the constant correction and finesse required to pilot riding these thermals, and I love the little, “Yaw String”  strip, similar to a sail boat’s “Tell Tale”, it changes almost every second giving the pilot an idea of the fluctuations of the constantly changing wind. That’s the Holy Spirit isn’t it, changing every moment, drawing you higher and higher into an understanding of the scriptures and even everyday life  gently guiding us on how it all points to Jesus.  Watch that little strip on the windshield flutter and show the pilot the way. The answer IS blowing in the Wind.

More answers by the way are blowing in the wind. For example their are a number of ways to enhance your gas mileage by understanding air flow.

Highway driving and fuel consumption has almost everything to do with going against the wind; it takes 70% more horsepower and 20% more fuel to average a speed of 70 mph vs 60 and 58% more horsepower and the same 20% to go 65 mph vs 55. The numbers skyrocket from there as the faster you go it has so much less to do with weight and rolling resistance than with the force against you then is the wind resistance or coefficient of drag. As you can see from my illustration above God knew this way before we did and so as Auto Manufactures use modern computer design techniques we have gone from cars that average around  .50 Coefficients of Drag to now days averages under .30, but those number don’t come close to God’s design for the Mackerel at .0053 or Rainbow Trout at .15 That number for the Mackerel is an engineering  MASTER piece really but we are even more so as the more we learn the more we realize God’s Handy work.  So how can your understanding of these forces save you money? Here are a few…

  1. No Windows Down, (Over Fifty it’s not thrifty) The Naked Scientists says over 40mph as does GM.  Still for most folks over 50 is sustained highway driving and under 50 is stop and go where windows down makes more sense, But at maintained speed over 40mph windows should be up to save gas.
  2. No Sunroofs open, again (Over Fifty it’s not thrifty) same data applies.
  3. No Roof Top Carriers: they cost you 5% more gas or just figure if you are paying $2.20 for gas you might as well be paying $2.31 with that roof top carrier even the really efficient ones, the bag type are much worse.
  4. No Tailgates down: The point where the two air flows come together behind you vehicle is where drag takes place that’s partially why drafting works in racing, leaving your tailgate down allows that to happen too close to the vehicle and costs you gas don’t do it.
  5. Don’t allow someone to tailgate you for long distances on the highway, slow down let them pass, Truckers do it all the time it’s safer for one thing and don’t let that tailgater steel your energy.

Another answer I believe that is blowing in the wind is  ‘car debt’ a terrible storm for sure, I believe that the national car debt problem is what caused GM and Chrysler to go bankrupt and Ford on the brink of it. This debt problem not only enslaves most Americans but the lack of understanding the problem remarkably costs us millions and millions of jobs, here is how in an interview I did on Fox and Friends years ago on how to save GM.

Again, the answer IS blowing in the wind. If we used the wind from this car debt storm to rise up to a new passion and determination to build affordable cars not just for us but for a world that would benefit from personal transportation.  Places like India, and China and Africa where few people are yet to have vehicles, how many could we put to work building them. There is no doubt in my mind it would work, the Answer IS blowing in the wind.