Dash Board Warning Light Guide

Lives could be saved and millions of dollars if we could just adhere to the simple logic behind the color of Dash Board Lights.

  • Red: Means “Emergency” pull over as quickly and safely as possible imminent danger!! These are the Air Bag, Oil pressure, Brake, Temperature and Alternator lights. The Air Bag may go off without warning or impact. Low Oil pressure: your engine could seize any moment thousands of dollars. Brake light : you have too little pressure meaning your brakes could fail due to a bad master cylinder or lack of fluid,(yes it could be your emergency brake was left on but that in itself is an emergency you will overheat and wear out your brakes). Failure to respond quickly to Temperature lights is likely the most often abused and costs so many so much it is scary. Cracked heads, blown head gaskets are the results within moments of you getting this light WARING! The Alternator light is telling you that your system is not charging and at anytime your battery will drain and your vehicle will  stop without notice perhaps in a very bad place.
  • Yellow: Means “Caution” get your vehicle checked out soon it is not an emergency but the component illuminated needs to be addressed.
  • Green: Simply tells you that a system denoted is operating


Your Vehicles Owners Manual will give you a complete list and procedure on what to do if a Light comes on> PLEASE, PLEASE Follow your car’s owner Manual. If you don’t have it here is a Handy Link to get yoursCLICK TO ORDER YOUR OWNERS MANUAL