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  • When Did You Turn To The Church To Hide?

    If you are like me when I want to hide, I don’t naturally look for a group but to isolate, get away from everyone. Yet The Psalmist in Psalms 119 in the Samech section, (the Samech being a circle) shares wisdom and understanding that explains why the hungry lion is […]

  • Who Do You Go To With The Big Questions

    Who do you go to with The Big Questions? Nothing like having someone you can trust and who has the answer, God right, could it possibly be that simple? In Psalms 119 in the Mem section there is a clue in Hebrew you won’t see in English. The Word that […]

  • A Plymouth’s Progress Chapter 23

    Listen to Episode 21 Listen to Episode 20 Listen to Episode 19 Listen to Episode 18 Listen to Episode 17 Listen to Episode 16 Listen to Episode 15 Listen to Episode 14 Listen to Episode 13 Listen To Episode 12 Listen To Episode 11 Listen To Episode 10 Listen To […]

  • Jesus Take The Wheel 2022

    In 2009 I did my first Jesus take the wheel show and the picture above couldn’t have described that show better. I thought, (my plans), people would call in with stories of miraculous near misses of accidents, but from the first call, a man who became a paraplegic as a […]

  • Christmas The Ultimate Piqqudim

    So what’s a PIQQUDIM? I am so glad you ask for I have been asking that and asking that since July, asking God what is this word that King David uses in the Psalms, especially in Psalms 119. It is one of the ten commonly repeated words that seem repetitive […]

  • Get Your Christmas “Want” On

    The Desires of Your Heart. Christianity rather than have you resist or bury your desires offers a life abundant with a Heart full as God’s Heart is. If I were to ask my 4 year old grandson what he wanted for Christmas and he told me, “Papa, I just want […]

  • Oh Christmas Tree II

    If you have eyes to see it, Jesus lit up the Christmas Tree in John Chapter 10 on the 25th of Kislev, yes right on the Festival of Lights or Hanukkah. Hanukkah the Hebrew may be may be translated as “dedication” or “They Rested on The 25th” 22 And it was […]

  • Thanksgiving Is A Thirsty Holiday

    Like most Holidays Thanksgiving has Biblical roots and those roots in this case are looking for water. The feast of in gathering or Sukkot is the feast that the Jews celebrate their harvest, and something I never knew about till I studied it this year in relation to Jesus being […]

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