• Antidote For Overwhelm

    One horrible night a dear family member attempted suicide, the terrifying wait to get to the hospital, the hours of waiting to see if they will recover are draining life and faith by the moment, overwhelm to say the least. Then came the relational crisis as they were locked up […]

  • Dismantling Dilemma

    by guest host: Darrin Koone Life for most men feels more like pressure and God sometimes orchestrates it… Which often feels like some sort of retribution.  10:10 (NIV) The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to […]

  • The Power of Choise

    Today Robbie talks about how God gives us the power to choose the path for our lives and the Grace to have eternal patience with us. Also a crazy name that noise game..Do you know your car engines?? Check out this episode!

  • The Power of Choice

    There was an amazing scene in the New Movie ‘Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood’, where Fred Rogers whispered to the alcoholic sick dying Father something to which the father replied, “You Can count on it!” and you could see the jubilation on the father’s face. Moments later the son followed Fred out […]

  • Urgent Prayer Need – Family in Crisis

    Please pray for a divorced single dad in Charlotte, just nearly lost his residence, just found work and in desperate need of someone to donate a car in that area…

  • Urgent Prayer Requests; Jesus Labor of Love

    Family in Crisis in Greensboro, NC – In dyer need of a car to get to work and to get my diabetic child to doctor visits on time …Need car donated… Thanks for praying… If you wish to donate a car click here

  • “Live” From The 2020 Men’s Summit

    Restoring Biblical Manhood kinda sounds like we are preaching to the Choir, as my guess would be; that the only men who would possibly dream of coming to such a conference would already be restoring Biblical Manhood to some extent. Yet that is exactly those who God is restoring and […]

  • BPS- Blind Spot Protection

    Going Deeper with Jesus in effect- Is the greatest BPS- Blind spot protection system EVER, Yes, I have a gigantic Blind spot and by going deeper with Jesus He wants me to see reality — The Submarine Scene you may have guessed we are going deep…. So as to not […]

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