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  • Christian Car Guy Theater Episode 56: A Plymouth’s Progress Part 8

    Listen to Episode 7 Listen to Episode 6 Listen to Episodes 1-5 all in one Pilgrim’s Progress text to follow along with Then I saw in my dream, that Christian asked him fur-ther if he could not help him off with his burden that was upon his back; for as […]

  • Birth Pains

    Last Sunday – The first day of my weekly- “God Lesson Plan”. I caught a small mouth bass near the Damn on Belews Creek Lake, where I live and it took my hard plastic minnow lure so fiercely it swallowed it, I mean like it had it in it’s stomach. […]

  • Don’t Do The Heisman

    There is a guiding principle teaching car salespeople how to negotiate that to me is a guiding principal to life in general. That I have shortened to – “Don’t do the “Heisman”. “Don’t tell them what you won’t do tell them what you will do and by telling them what […]

  • Fruit Salad – Yummy, Yummy

    Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples. John 15:8 That Phrase, “Apart from me you can do nothing”, (john 15: 5) just rings and rings in my ears constantly, yes John 15 has to do with abiding in Jesus but how […]

  • Christian Car Guy Theater Episode 55: A Plymouth’s Progress Part 7

    Listen to Episode 6 Listen to Episodes 1-5 all in one Pilgrim’s Progress text to follow along with After this, Evangelist called aloud to the heavens for confirmation of what he had said: and with that there came words and fire out of the mountain under which poor Christian stood, […]

  • Sleeping Beauty & True Love’s First Kiss

    “Let him kiss me with kisses” Song of Songs 1:2 If you would allow me my translation of that, “Let Him kiss me with THE KISS. In Hebrew that word “kisses” could be translated – THE WOWZERS KISS – The one that lights the sparks, kicks you heels the stuff […]

  • The Cost Of Not Following Directions And The Joy of The Prodigal

    Yes, I pruned my little finger and as you may guess from the picture above and the title I didn’t follow the directions, very specifically the warning to keep both hands on the handle of the hedge trimmer at ALL TIMES. God gave Adam very simple easy to follow instructions […]

  • Christian Car Guy Theater Episode 54: A Plymouth’s Progress Part 6

    Pilgrim’s Progress text to follow along with 19EVANGELISTFINDETHCHRISTIANUNDERMOUNTSINAI,ANDLOOKETHSEVERELYUPONHIMAnd with that he saw Evangelist coming to meet him; at the sight also of whom he began to blush for shame. So Evan-gelist drew nearer and nearer; and coming up to him, he looked upon him with a severe and dreadful countenance, […]

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