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  • Sweeet Gas Savings

    In today’s gas thirsty world perhaps we can learn something from some really thirst Israelites in the desert. You may remember right after they had all the water the Egyptians were drown in, they went to the area of Marah and got really, really thirsty. They grumbled at Moses he […]

  • Mother’s Forever

    Our family in the Bible was dysfunctional to say the least, I say our family because as the Psalmist said “I have taken thy testimonies as my heritage forever for they are the rejoicing of my heart” To see the crazy choices they made to deceive each other, especially Jacob, […]

  • A Plymouth’s Progress Chapter 27

    Listen to Episode 26 Listen to Episode 25 Listen to Episode 24 Listen to Episode 23 Listen to Episode 22 Listen to Episode 21 Listen to Episode 20 Listen to Episode 19 Listen to Episode 18 Listen to Episode 17 Listen to Episode 16 Listen to Episode 15 Listen to […]

  • Right Here With You

    When was your Easter? When did God appear to you after the resurrection. I’ll guess like when He appeared to Peter on Easter, the story of what was said is not in the Bible. According to the disciples and Paul in, 1 Cor 15, on Easter Peter got to see […]

  • The Stone The Builder’s Rejected Is On A Roll

    Easter and Psalms 118 will make you FREE – Learn How on Today’s Show…. 10am Eastern Saturday April 16, 2022.

  • US constitutional approach(s) for dealing with the new gas and vehicle inflation

    Constitutionally, what should we expect from our Nation’s leaders? Political Science college professor Dr. Christian McMasters will be on the Christian Car Guy Show to discuss the appropriate US constitutional approach(s) for dealing with the new gas and vehicle inflation that is disrupting our lives.  Guest Host Bill Mixon Liberty […]

  • Identity Forever

    Today’s Show “Live” Today from Modern Chevrolet 5955 University Parkway, Winston Salem, NC 27105

  • The Mysterious Jacob’s Ladder

    Most have heard of it, and there are some really dark things sung and projected about it, (which usually indicates that Satan hates it), to me that begs the question; Why? What is it and what did Jesus mean in the Gospel of John when he told Nathaniel he would […]

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