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  • When Did Someone Love You In spite Of Your Ogre-Ness

    In Isaiah 11 we read of Jesus’ seven fold anointing – Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, A Fear of The Lord And A Quickening(Life) in The Fear of The Lord and what does the next verse tell us He did with those anointings? But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, […]

  • Tell Us About Your Blessing or Coronation

    Perhaps like Jacob you had to wrestle for it, or like Isaac you got it from your father. Maybe you were more like Noah you got it after a flood. I know there is a story and keeping it is important; not just to you but to the Kingdom itself… […]

  • Hugging You

    The Name Habakkuk mean Hug…yep and when you study his book and his God you can’t help but see why… Great Faith leads to Great Hugs. What’s Your story of a God Hug – Today’s Christian Car Guy Show…

  • Join Robby in The Holy Land January 15-24 2024

    Prices & Dates – feel free to call Robby with any questions 336-909-2779 Pastors Robby Dilmore & Dwayne Carson – 10 Day Holy Land with Optional Egypt Extension 2024 Dates & Prices Dates January 15-24 or 27 2024 Land Only Air & Land Click Here for more details and Reserve […]

  • The Spectacle of Goodness – Friday is Good Cause Sunday Is Coming

    The Gallows that Haman erected for Mordecai became his, the pit that Joseph’s brothers threw themselves in, Satan’s Nails indeed did pierce his own hands forever and his spear was thrust into his own side. What Satan meant for evil God Meant for Good…. “Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances […]

  • Everyone Talks To God

    This Tuesday morning my wife and I found my mother-in-law dead at the foot of her bed and no doubt she is now experiencing this on a whole new level. The resulting guilt and shame I felt having a loved one die on my watch and in my house, left […]

  • Prayer Miracles

    First of all don’t you think its a miracle God would speak to us at all. Yet it is certainly a place of unspeakable Joy and peace. The picture above was His idea, yes He invited me to go steelhead fishing with my two future son-in-laws in Ohio… It was […]

  • Marriage Family Life Conference 2023

    https://marriagefamilylife.net/events/marriage-family-life-conference-2023/ Location Information Location: Cadence Bank Arena City: Tupelo, MS Address: 387 East Main Street, Tupelo, MS 38804

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