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Jesus taught the most profoundly simple wisdom ever taught on the art of negotiation, so simple that few can see it, but so profound that it’s use will change your life and the world. In a three-letter very simple word “ASK”. “Ask and it shall be given to you.” Matthew 7:7a . Because people are afraid to ask Marketing Companies like TrueCar exsist.  In TrueCar’s Dealer Agreement  Jan 2013 look carefully near the bottom and you will see that dealers are to pay TrueCar $299 for a new car sale and $399 for a used car sale.  Anyone can see that this additional cost will  be passed along to the timid consumer who was afraid to ‘ASK’ for a lower price.  I can’t help but wonder that such a thing could exist, but it does because people do not see the power of a good ‘ASK’.

A good ‘ASK’ based on more of Jesus teaching would incorporate a win-win. Both parties can and should benefit from the negotiation process. How cool is it, the good manners Jesus employs with all of Matthew 7: 7. He said ” Ask, Seek and Knock”, not Demand, Obsess, and Barge In. 

“Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it.” So much of life is right here it is mind blowing. Just to take buying a car for a moment, the biggest part of buying a car is figuring out what you want and can afford and this is where more huge mistakes are made than anywhere else.  You can get a drop dead fantastic deal on a new car cheaper than anyone ever got it in 20 states, but if it’s not what you want or need and you have to change in the next few months it will cost you thousands of dollars. So #1 is getting a car you can enjoy for a long time, #2 making it affordable.  Oh how it used to hurt me to see folks come back in a few months because they got a deal on a car they hated.

Figure out what kind of car you want, color accessories, styling, SUV, sedan. My wife likes to sit up high and she has to have a remote with power door locks, these are key things to understand about what you want.

Now you need a salesperson who will listen to what kind of car you want, not sell you something just because he has it in stock. If he won’t listen to the kind of car you want he’s not your guy or girl to sell you a car in my opinion. A good salesperson helps you most of all with the process of discovering what you want. My dad used to always make sure he had his prospects drive at least three different model cars to make sure they were getting to that basic of what do You want. It is way, way, way more important than saving a couple hundred bucks, because you should enjoy this car for years to come.

The pricing is actually much, much easier and very clear cut compared to say financing. The financing is another place that can cost you thousands if you are not careful. Here again you should figure out what you want and ‘ASK’ for it. Not demand, but patiently and humbly ask and keep asking, and here’s the hard part, without compromising beyond either parties benefit.

So where is that, the place where the dealer makes enough and the customer is getting a “good deal”. I believe its in that place where you find a salesperson who you can tell really wants to help you and you work with them asking and asking and seeing how they react and sharing your real budget concerns and knowing really what you should spend and sharing that with them. Sorry, I don’t believe there is a marketing solution like TrueCar or CarMax, I believe its more personal and abiding in Christ to where the fear is gone and we are able to take off the mask and share what we really want and need. You don’t have because you don’t ask , there is a much deeper issue than cars here, Jesus was talking about asking your Heavenly Father the way to an abundant life. Figure out what you want and learn how to ask God for it, WOW!!!