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I am disabled, 53 years old, single mother living off $725 per month (my SSI), so I can’t afford to take my truck to a garage to get diagnosed, let alone repaired. My son has his first job, but they need him for evening hours. That’s fine except for when I was driving us home after his shift and all the lights went out and we were in complete darkness while driving down the road. This is our only transportation and since we don’t know anyone out here, there is nobody I can ask to pick him up from work at night.
I have a 1987 F250 with head lights that won’t stay on, and my back-up lights don’t work at all. I usually don’t drive at night so I’m not sure how long they’ve been this way, but we found out when my son got his first job and I was driving him home and all the lights went out. Scared me to death, it was so dark with no street lamps out here, then they came back on for a little bit, then back off. When we finally got home, I tried to back the truck in, but no back-up lights.