Below are the needs that have come in this week…


Moved here from Texas after the death of my daughter trying to start a better life for me my to boys 4&14 Then I became seriously ill w/systemic lupus, diabetes,copd using a wheelchair now trying to keep my head above water for the sake of my beautiful children .My car is all I have left from my daughter but the brakes and others problems with the car happened a/c ,rotors,power steering w/out unable to go to the store ,Dr appointments, pharmacy, basic things. 

Brakes, rotors,wheel bearings,power steering,a/c, and registering my car in this state


Only receive monthly income, senior citizen, car was given to me….

Brakes, air and heat , tires, and paint


I don’t have a job right now , I was in an hit and run , so I have a disability , so I am Believing God for my Disability approval that would help me to pay my bills but at this time I don’t have income benefits. An Oil -Pan / OIL Change Tune Up / Oil

#4 The vehicle that was donated to the Redeeming Joy ministry to trafficked women needs to be towed from Durahm and the brakes repaired they locked up on the way home….

#5 We have completely deleted out financial resources so right now we can just help with labor on these or any new applications ….

Please join me in praying for these needs… THANK YOU and blessings … Robby