labor-of-love-banner-copyThis was her first request… She didn’t have the money for the parts to do it and we failed to help her… The next one is a heart breaker

Jesus’s Labor of Love Category Disaster Victim
Explantion of need I need my transmission fluid changed, I had to use the very little paycheck I got from work and to pawn somethings to make my car payment because I have had 25 hours of work in 2 weeks because I stuffer from fibromyalgia and I am 17 weeks pregnant, my husband was a stay at home dad to our almost 3 year old daughter but now he is going back to work and I’m going to be a stay at home mom because of my health problems. I can’t physically work anymore, and i need my car to get back and forth to my doctor’s appointment because I am high risk. Please help us.
Repairs or Maintenance Needed Transmission fluid

Unfortunately here is the next request this morning

Jesus’s Labor of Love Category Other explain below
Explantion of need My reverse in my car went out.
Repairs or Maintenance Needed I think the transmission needs to be replaced.

Please Pray for this family and if it’s in your heart to help donate every penny will go where you tell us by the donate button on the Jesus Labor of Love banner to your left..