As I approach the topic of ‘Snake Oil’ car pricing, I do so with a great deal of fear and trembling understanding that when we judge others as John and Paula Sanford taught it’s like sowing a little golf ball throwing it out there at someone, in God’s economy, you will harvest thousands back at you.  So rather than judge the motives behind the manipulative pricing strategies I believe it’s best just get to the truth.

Truth is snake oil has it’s benefits, especially the snake oil that the Chinese Rail Road workers brought over to the west when they were working on the railroad, (all the live long day), sorry had to ad that. Turns out as is outlined in the 2018 Old Farmers Almanac that the Chinese workers used snake oil from Chinese water snakes that were rich in omega 3 acids because of their fish diets that did in fact relieve the tired inflamed muscles of the workers.

Truth also is that dealers have to make a profit and to carry a hundred cars at 30,000 a piece is 3 million dollars inventory and you see a lot more than a hundred cars out there. The dealer could put that 3 million in the stock market or annuities and get a big return couldn’t he, instead he is investing his life in a business that employs lots of people and helps the whole community. So they have to see a return on those millions sitting out there. The average dealer has more than a $100,000 payroll he has to meet each month, those two expenses alone keep them up many, many nights, I can assure you I have been there. The Factory pressuring you to take more cars, employees want more money, media salespeople coming in every hour as well as every cub scout mother and race car driver wanting a sponsor. So how are you going to make all that work with new car pricing at a dollar over invoice, like the guy down the street is selling his cars?

One way is to sell high mark up after market products, paint sealant, undercoating, fabric protectors, anti theft etching, the list goes on and on… Funny, but not funny we used to call them snake oil. Documentary fees the average in Florida right now is over $600 here in North Carolina it’s over $400. Let’s face it, Notaries don’t charge that much, but the dealer has to make it somewhere. Many, many businesses do similar with all sorts of fees, or high markup drinks at a restaurant or french fries. So what is there for the consumer to do or even better the Christian to discern on both sides of this issue. I believe in so many cases we don’t trust that the other person can handle the truth.

In the parable of the talents  you remember the guy that hid the money, he was the one who got sent to the darkness and gnashing of teeth. Why, what’s up with that he didn’t cost his boss any money? What’s up with that was he didn’t trust the heart of his boss and worse he didn’t trust God would help him get a return on the talents. So in light of all this, to me the self searching question I need to ask is  to see where is it that I am lying because I don’t believe the person I am dealing with can handle the truth.

Example: (happens all the time by the way), Sitting down to the dinner table my wife asks me, did you wash your hands? My reply is often like the seven dwarfs in ‘Snow White’ when asked the same question: “Recently?”  The truth that I don’t think my wife can handle is, no and I really don’t think its necessary. Now this as you might imagine could quickly lead to an unpleasant meal experience, so lying seems simpler and faster way to solve the problem, but is it?

Jesus is the Truth, anything less diminishes His glory, that’s hard stuff, impossible I believe. Can’t do it without him every minute of every day I have to abide…

So yes there is plenty of Snake Oil out there and with Jesus help we can trust He can help us to see the Truth but also to walk in it in our own life, to me that’s a life I’m looking forward to.