Stolen "Not My Car!"

Every 33 Seconds in the USA one gets stolen, mostly older cars and since the average American’s car is 11 years old; guess what your ‘older car’ is the target, WHY? Easier to steal and the need for older car parts especially older Hondas and Pickups…here are the numbers.nicb’s-hot-wheels-report-5-HRThe NICB’s Common Sense Solutions

  • Lock you car and don’t leave the keys in it (common sense for sure)
  • Warning Device
  • Immobilizing Device
  • Tracking Device

Christian Car Guy Thoughts (All Free by the way)

  • Prayer (One Big Bad Angel ought to keep out anyone)
  • Make yourself a little sign on the dash where it’s extremely visible, Be Creative Like :

“Protected by GPS God Positioning Seraphim:  He Sees YOU when your Sleeping”

“I’m Sorry You are struggling so bad you stole my Car, know I am praying for you, REALLY!”

“Please Enjoy my car while you can its REALLY going to cost you more than you think”


By Bill Mixon: unnamed

Good news, car theft is decreasing.  Vehicle thefts in 2013 totaled $4 billion in losses, compared with nearly $8 billion in 2004.

Bad news, the FBI says a vehicle is stolen every 42 seconds.

More older cars are stolen, because it is easier.
Most newer cars come with keys that contain a chip that makes it harder to steal but even the most sophisticated cars can be towed away. Many, if not most, cars are stolen using the owner’s keys.  The thief steals the key first or there was a key left in the car or the car was left running.
Car thieves dislike 5 Things:
Daytime, Kill Switches, Alarms, Nosy Neighbors and Security Cameras.
Surprisingly as many as fifty percent of stolen cars are eventually found in one condition or another.  Often, if the car was stolen for a joy ride, the vehicle turns up once the vehicle runs out of  gas or after an accident.  If the car is found it is usually found within the first 30 days.
Two suggestions for finding a recently lost vehicle. First, after reporting the car stolen to the police, contact the local cab companies. Provide a picture of the vehicle with licence plate number, your contact information and a reward for spotting the vehicle. Include any unique characteristics… like bumper sticker or existing damage. Offer a reward to the cab driver and the dispatcher that locates your vehicle. Second suggestion, contact the garbage collectors in town. Do the same as the cab drivers.
Often, if the car is stolen by kids for a joy ride, you may find it abandoned in a neighboring development.  Drive around and look. If you find it, be careful before you get out and recover your car.
One of the best ways to protect against vehicle theft is to carry comprehensive coverage on your automobile insurance policy.  Comprehensive is often very reasonably priced.  Insurance industry studies find that at least 10 percent of all property and casualty claims are fraudulent.  The car owner was behind the theft.  Usually an insurance company will have a repeditive set of questions that must be answered and they will wait a month before settling a claim…. to see if the car turns up.
Remember to protect your car keys.  If someone demands your car from you, remember it is just a car. Park where there is light and in view of a security camera when possible.  Consider purchasing comprehensive vehicle insurance.  For those of you with more expensive vehicles consider a LoJack® or OnStar®  system.
Above all else… If your car is stolen pray about your efforts to find your car.  Ask God for guidance.  It does not hurt to head off the problem and to pray every time your park your car, that the Holy Spirit will protect it.
Bill Mixon
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