Jeff Gordon for Podcast

Stranded In A Winter Storm Tips

Pray don’t panic:

For Wisdom,

For rescue,

For Safety,

For ideas on how to stay comfortable

Stay with the Car if at all possible and practical..Many have frozen to death or were struck walking.


Call 911, your wrecker service (we hope you know ahead of time who you will use)your family, your friends let them know you are stranded.

Flares if you have them, Or Reflective markers if you have them

A Red Flag or bandana even a Rag on the antenna, if you don’t have flares or markers (be very careful as slippery roads cause others to kind of head your way if they see you and may strike you)

If the car is running to keep the heat on use your emergency flashers, (don’t drain your battery)

Horn will possibly get some attention if needed


Making sure you tailpipe is not covered and if you have plenty of gas run the car 10-15 minutes every hour allowing it to heat completely. Crack a window slightly to allow ventilation.  *** this is also a good time to charge your cell phone***

Safety Thoughts:

Stay in the car as much as possible don’t get wet or run over.

Stay buckled up, slippery roads and you ended up there someone else may strike your car

Try to stay awake, alert and by no means allow all occupants to sleep at the same time..



Carry an emergency candle something big that will last and last, (again with a window slightly cracked), this provides more warmth and comfort than you may imagine and also provides light both for comfort and as a signal. Don’t forget a lighter!!

Water: Stay hydrated..

Blankets, Emergency Thermal Mylar Blanket,

A Stocking Cap (head warmth is a key)

Scarf (neck warmth is also very comforting).


Extra Socks, not a bad idea to take off your shoes ever hour and rub your feet

Use what’s there floor mats are know to be a blanket when necessary.

A Flashlight and a transistor radio are very comforting as well

Before You Even Head Out, Preparation:

Pray…for Wisdom if you really need to make this trip?  Ask God which route to take..

Fill up often…Never run low on gas in a winter storm

Check the weather, and again every phones will give you the hour by hour.

Select your route by probability of road care and accessibility in case of running off the road, (don’t end up in a ditch in the middle of no-where).

Share Your Route with someone that will know what to do if you don’t show up at your destination in a reasonable time.

Needed Gear


Cell phone Charger

Emergency Reflective Markers

Emergency Candle


Emergency Thermal Mylar Blanket


Hat, scarf, socks, mittens


Transistor Radio

Ice Scraper

Beef Jerky or non-perishable food

Traction mats/ Cat Litter

Jumper Cables

Tow Rope/Chain