This week I was just climbing up in the Father’s Lap every morning in prayer, as my friend Dr. James Banks, (Of ‘Encouraging Prayer) had instructed and just hang out with God no agenda. I was just enjoying His company Friday morning and a question popped into my mind, and before I could think about it I just asked Him. “God where do you go on vacation?”

I can’t even express the joy in His Face I felt as He answered with a twinkle in His Eyes, knowing the nugget He was sharing with me. “You know the passage that tells you, Robby, go and study it.” I’ll bet you know it too.

Gen 2:2 ” By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. “

That word rested is the nugget, you may even know it better than I but the word in Hebrew is ‘Shabbat’. So dig into it I did. That first letter in Shabbat the “S” sound is a Shin, as a letter picture it represents fire, but it also represents a tooth. I started to ponder, what in the world would a tooth or fire have to do with vacation or rest.. Where the Holy Spirit guided me is mind blowing to me.

Both fire and teeth have this in common, they oxidize fuel, when a sheep is chewing its cud it is in fact resting, but critically oxidizing its fuel. So picture with me God having made the world now just chewing on all the amazing stuff, “Hey Adam, Jesus, Holy Spirit, What you guys say we head over to the Grand Canyon and check it out. That by the way is the second letter in Shabbat, the “B” sound, is a Bet and is all about the House of God his Family, true rest requires family. It’s in ABBA or BEN that “B” sound is a bet in both Abba Father and Ben which is Son.

So what else did the Father Chew on during the first vacation, the Truth. The last letter is a Tav, The “T” sound is Shabbat, that is a picture of Truth and who is the Truth, The Word, all creation expresses it, I am quite certain that first Shabbat they looked at the Heavens that DECLARE, His Glory…

SO CAN WE!!! On this years family vacation, don’t forget to chew… As for the stuck in the Mud, Listen to Today’s Show!!