Flying Drones, Global computer watches, now Talking cars.   Your vehicle is talking to you daily, but are you listening?  Think of it as todays version of the 1965 TV sitcom, “My Mother the Car.”


Today’s universal language is a conglomeration of chimes, beeps, buzzes or melodic  reminders that your keys are in the  ignition or your door is ajar.  Sometimes your car becomes so concerned about your well-being that it startles you into reacting….like backing-up and not seeing the tri-cycle, or dozing off, at 70 mph, it brings you back to earth to keep you in your lane and stop drifting. Ultimately it could be a life-saver!


Your car cares about you, it wants you to reach your destination safely, so Ford Product engineers, like Jennifer Prescott,  work daily on providing you with the “Chimes of your life” focusing on creating the right amount of awareness, without becoming a distraction.  Kind of like having a co-pilot with you, when you’re behind the wheel, alone.


Audio chimes have been part of our lives for more than a decade, but their numbers and  purpose have increased over the years for a reason.   Ford wants to keep you safe and sound….with their sounds!


Sounds should gain your attention, but not irritate you, which is where our Ford engineers invest hours of research and experimentation on coming up with just the right sound for the right circumstance.  


Whether it’s designed to achieve a level of urgency or remind you that your lights are still on,  your car is talking to you….but are you listening?


Here are just some examples of what your car is trying to tell you (Sounds from our Lab)


1.Blind Spot Warning….. Sound-1. Forward Collision Alert…… Sound- 2.  Cross Traffic Alert …..Sound-3…..  Welcoming/Greeting Sound ….Sound-4.