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  • New Creature – Jacqueline Ward’s Poetry

    Sing unto The Lorda new song.and let His praises fillThe templeAnd Lord , shower down on meand Cleanse ,out my souland search to find this evil hold onme.Transform my heart Lord ; to be just like yours God so that I can become this new Creature.So That I can become […]

  • Jacqueline K. Ward – Poem Collection

    Miracles (within me) You may not be that special one That you believe  you to be . And you may not reach the stars of Stars where your name would shine So bright. And you may not be the the brains of brains, that you could invent somebody style. And  […]

  • 15 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Garage

    by Amy Lara The Garage is a dumping ground for anything that does not fit in your house. In case you have a lot of things in your garage, you can’t find a tool or anything which you need while you are doing some repair or other work, so you […]

  • The Complete Guide to Writing a Contract for a Car Sale

    by Ellie Coverdale There are a lot of instances where you might want to sell your car privately than to a car dealership. However, in that case you’ll need to draft your own sales contract, whether you write one from scratch or you use a bill of sale template. We’ll […]

  • 3 Ways to Set Your Teenager up for Driving Success

    by Amanda Harrison Learning to drive is an exciting rite of passage for teenagers — but for their parents, it can be a little stressful. Helping your teens build good driving habits now will help them stay safer for the rest of their lives, and can grant you huge peace […]

  • Top-4 Stretches/Postures To Reset Your Body After Long Drive

    Every time we talk about long hours of driving, we always mainly get to hear of two things: coffee is beneficial and more than 9 hours of driving is unacceptable. Although, this information can indeed be useful for our safety, people rarely cover the topic of a brief post-long driving […]

  • If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil by Melisa Marzett

    Many people know the concept of good and evil. The ability to distinguish these moral categories is innate. The same intrinsic is the love of sound, the realization that life is right is a normal state of human existence. The proofs of this statement are as follows: A person will […]

  • Seeing God

    by guest author: Melisa Marzett I was curious about why we do not see God, why we cannot talk with him, why we cannot touch him to feel his presence to the fullest since early childhood. No answer made it to where I hesitated whether it is worth believing in […]

  • How Forklift Training has changed with Time?

    The use of forklifts as a material handling equipment has increased with time as the industries of agriculture, building supplies and distribution have grown in magnitude and business level. As such, the correct and safe operation of forklifts has gained an irrevocable importance among the business owners since unsafe usage […]

  • What to Do After a Car Accident

    Guest Post from Reviews.com As we move into the fall and winter seasons, it’s important that new drivers exercise the utmost caution on the road. Expect worsening road conditions and an increase in distracted drivers experience holiday stress — and plan accordingly. Collision preparedness is a necessity this time of […]