1. Consider dropping  deductibles for the week or two while on vacation.
If you are going to have an accident it is most likely when you are driving places you have never been before.  If I did not have comprehensive and collision protection on the car I am driving, I would consider adding it.
2.  Make sure you have the best “roadside service”.
Many times you only have 50 mile roadside service and on vacation this may not provide enough coverage.
3.  Make sure you have extended theft coverage.  If someone breaks into your car or hotel room and steals your stuff and you can not prove you locked the door- you will be glad you added extended theft coverage. Car insurance only protects you from theft of the vehicle not your stuff.  Your home or renters insurance protects your clothes and fishing poles.
4.  Have your insurance information on a piece of paper in the glove box.
5. Don’t Double Pay on Rental Car Insurance.  If you plan to rent a car… I would discuss this before I go with the company I am going to rent from and my insurance agent.  I would check and see what my credit card offered in way of comprehensive and collision protection.
6. Boat Rentals have tricky Insurance stipulations. If you plan to rent a boat be sure to discuss this very carefully with your insurance agent.  Often neither your home nor auto nor your umbrella insurance will extend to protect you when you rent a boat. Bill Logo