Last Sunday – The first day of my weekly- “God Lesson Plan”. I caught a small mouth bass near the Damn on Belews Creek Lake, where I live and it took my hard plastic minnow lure so fiercely it swallowed it, I mean like it had it in it’s stomach. It broke my heart because I didn’t want to kill the fish and I would have cut the line but that was my prized matzuo nano minnow I had bought when my dad took us to Hawaii. So I yanked the lure out realizing I would likely kill the fish, then I gingerly put him back in the Lake, but as I feared he just floated on the surface flopping every little bit. No sooner had we floated about 50ft or so, to my amazement a Bald Eagle swoped down from high in the heavens, I could see his partner still up there, just a dot and with yellow talons outstretched grasp the fish and the two headed off for Sunday lunch.

I had seen those birds at some distance many times but never close enough to discern if they were large osprey or bald Eagles, now there was no doubt, our symbol freedom, majestically soared above us. Certainly I felt better having not killed the fish for nothing but more than that just the AWE factor of God’s creation.

Then Monday listening to John Eldridge’s Wild at Heart podcast they were quoting scripture to comfort their listeners during this crazy election cycle and they read all of Isiah 40, which as you may know ends with the famous rising up as Eagles. The entire Chapter is so very much worth meditating on in this season I can emphasize that enough, here is a link.

The Eagle has been a image of freedom since the first man saw it soar free from the bonds of gravity, but it has a couple of other amazing qualities I have been pondering, it has Eagle Eyes and a Kung Fu Grip. Eagles can see from a great height and with phenomenal clarity, oh that I could see in that freedom. Their grip is a death grip even for a deer of wolf, but my understanding of the word, “wait” on the Lord, seems to require that grip.

Qavah is the Hebrew word Isiah penned and it means much more than wait, it also means to gather as in its first use in the Bible in Genesis 1:9

“And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.”

Genesis 1:9

That first letter in Qavah the “Q” sound looks like the letter in the picture above, which looks pregnant by all means because it has something special hidden inside. It is also the first letter of the word Kadosh or Holy.

To qualify to rise up, we need those Eagle Eyes and Eagle Grip. Eyes set on Jesus and hearts gripping and holding on as Mary did on Resurrection day. As I read and re-read Isaiah 40, the birth pains are obvious the world is in travail as it waits for Jesus’ Bride to be gathered together, no I have no idea when but even so come quickly, Lord Jesus.