BCRF Guest post
After a celebrating our mothers this month, everyone is spending a little extra time thinking about the incredible women in our lives. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is constantly working on ways to commemorate those who have suffered from this disease as well as celebrating survivors and fighting for a cure.

Along with contributing to the cause, a good way to celebrate the women in our list is to make sure we keep an eye on our own health. We should always remember that our health is fragile and is the most important thing for us to maintain. While there is not sure fire way to prevent breast cancer or other diseases, there are ways that help to limit risk, and keep a solidly healthy lifestyle. Below are a few ways to limit your risk.

1. Limit alcohol intake. Studies show that the more you drink, the higher your risk.
2. Don’t smoke. Smoking causes health problems that aren’t just limited to the lungs.
3. Maintain a healthy weight. A healthy amount of exercise and a consistent, vitamin rich diet may lower your chances of being diagnosed.
4. Get yearly check-ups. Don’t wait until there is something wrong to pay attention to your health!