Ann-AultAnn Ault: Ann starred in the second episode “Sinister Sally Serpentine,” and from there Ann has played many characters in Christian Car Guy Theater, including: Tammy Tensioner, Frenchy Fender, Renee RockerArm, Darina Andrews and Miss Annie, who is the Church secretary and Eustace’s girl friend.  Our current Series a Plymouth’s Progress she Plays Voyager, Valiant’s Wife. . Plus, in our longest episode, “A Christmas Cor-olla,” Ann plays her own child, Mini Matt, who is Darina and Blake Andrew’s son from the “Nahum’s Mat” episode, and also Ann plays Margaret Picollo, Eustace’s mother, as well as his sister, Bess (I promise no incest involved). Ann also handles much of our casting with her extensive acting contacts and background. She also helps out with all the scripts and wrote the episode “Garbage in Garbage out”. Here is a little biographical information on Ann:
Ann is a member of SAG/AFTRA for more than 40 years (IMDBPro/ 800Casting). Ann did over 300 commercials, voice-overs, theater, TV, movies, including Christian films, and voices for “Adventures in Odyssey” (Focus on the Family radio show). In 2015, she happily became involved in Christian Car Guy Theater. More info on her books/CD’s/screenplay:, Ann was co-founder of Actors Co-op in Hollywood (1987), taught drama, directed/produced plays and other productions. She was co-writer, director, choreographer, wrote the theme song for a children’s show, “Hubcap Flats”. Her greatest achievement is having the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior!

Jesse Corti: Jesse Stars as ‘The Noire’  in episodes of Jail House Justice, Caleb Camshaft, and Fernando Fuel Injector. In our current series he stars as Valiant in The Plymouth’s Progress, the Christian Character from Pilgrim’s Progress.

Original cast member of the Broadway Musical hit, “Les Miserables“. Played Judas in the National and World Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. He’s had the privilege of working and being mentored by: Joseph Papp, Founder of the New York Shakespeare Festival / Public Theatre, Trevor Nunn (Royal Shakespeare Company), John Caird (RSC), Maria Irenes Fornes (Broadway), Elizabeth Swados (NYSF/NY Public Theatre, Broadway), Julie Taymor (NYSF/NY Public Theatre, Broadway), and Patricia Birch (Broadway). Most recently, Mr. Corti voiced Manchas in Walt Disney’s animated feature “Zootopia” Also voicing the graphic novel Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D 2016 directed by Zebediah Soto. He voiced the Spanish Dignitary and other voices in Walt Disney’s Academy Award winning animated feature film, “Frozen” He voiced LeFou in English and in Spanish for Walt Disney’s animation feature film Beauty and the Beast. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.  Recipient of the 1990 Clio Award, for Drug Free America commercial “Jesse Corti” named after him. His voice is heard worldwide on top video games in the industry, Metal Gear Solid, SOCOM, Uncharted, Lost Planet, Resident Evil and Lost Odyssey, Call of Juarez: The Cartel. In Television NFL RUSH ZONE, Handy Manny, Batman, Little Mermaid, Bonkers, Rugrats, Dark Wing Duck, Super Dave, Carmen San Diego, Tom & Jerry, Flintstones, Bruce Willis’s “Bruno”, Gargoyles, Rimba’s Island, Storm Troopers and Evil con Carne. He voiced the singing for Charlie Sheen in All Dogs go to Heaven 2, recorded the duet love ballad with platinum recording artist Sheena Easton. Mr. Corti has performed on the Tony Awards, and at the White House on two different occasions. Recorded on Tony, Oscar, and Grammy winning albums including Michael Jackson’s History album for a total of 14 albums.Associate producer on the thriller feature “Stiletto” with Tom Berenger, Michael Biehn, Diane Venora, Stana Katic, Kelly Hu and Tom Sizemore. More film credits, All In, The Incredible Hulk, Bringing Down the House, Gone in 60 Seconds, Love and Basketball, Revenge, and Beauty and the Beast.  Has worked opposite Kevin Costner, Sophia Loren, Nicolas Cage, Betty White, and Paul Sorvino. On TV three years as cast member on Comedy Central as the “character voices” for David Spade’s ShowbizShow. Guest starred in Heroes, Desperate Housewives, CSI, 24, Shark, The Shield, West Wing, Law & Order, Jag, Judging Amy, Providence, Crossing Jordan, Michael Mann’s, Robbery Homicide Division, Walker Texas Ranger, Just Shoot Me, Boy Meets World, and The Michael Richards ShowFrequentNational Anthem singer at Lakerand Los Angeles Dodger games. Resides in Southern California with his wife and two children.


Ellen Kennedy: Ellen starred in the third episode, “My Way Warren Winch,” as Gracie Gas Tank, as well as many others, including: Roxy RockerArm, Marcy Lindsey, and Jimmy’s Grand Mother. With Ellen’s extensive writing background, she too has been involved in all the scripts and she wrote the episodes of “Road Hog”, “Grand Pa’s Gift,” and “A Spoonful of Sugar”. Here is a little of Ellen’s biographical information: EE Kennedy (aka EEK) is a former award-winning TV/radio copywriter and the author of a Cozy Mystery series from Sheaf House Publishers, featuring a high school English teacher. The titles of her books include: “Irregardless of Murder,” “Death Dangles a Participle,” “Murder in the Past Tense” and “Incomplete Sentence”. She has done voice talent for many commercials and more recently, portrayed a continuing character in the drama series, “Voices of Hope,” produced by Trans-World Radio, to be broadcast in third world countries.
Ellen lives with her husband near Raleigh, NC. Her website is She writes a blog, “Behind the Mystery” at and is on Facebook as Ellen Edwards Kennedy.

Burt BigBurt Rosenburg: Burt Starred in the third episode, “My Way Warren Winch,” as Warren. Burt also plays many characters on Christian Car Guy Theater, including: Mosey Motor oil, Road Hog, Warren Winch, Mick RockerArm, Jeff Lindsey, and in “A Christmas Corolla,” he plays Richard Picollo and the “Americans for Civiltycharacter named Joe. Now in Jailhouse Justice also as the Noire’s side kick, Lou. Burt Rosenberg is a uniquely enlivening, spirited, and joyful fellow, who believes that the Kingdom of God is a Divine Conspiracy to Smuggle Love into the World. So, Burt travels all over, endeavoring to love-one-another through amusing, insightful expressions of life-truth, at “Joy Seminars” services, concerts and special events. “My goal,” Burt says, “is to impart a serene explosion from inside-out in people…of joy, insight, and ‘holy chutzpah’…to help them find their uniqueness in the Lord. Growing up in a crime-ridden neighborhood in Washington, DC, with his ‘funny Jewish family, full of odd characters,’ he began honing his comedic gifts at age 4 by performing in an alley for Catholic schoolgirls, at recess. They liked it, and he liked it. Burt founded a talent management company, representing musical artists and performers (and performing at comedy clubs, as well, including at “The Improv” club in New York). The budding professional’s life was turned upside-down by the brutal murder of his beloved dad, in a robbery. Burt began a years-long search for spiritual ‘higher ground,’ leading him to surrender to his Messiah, Jesus. at age 34. Fans say he has God-given ability to make them roll in their seats with laughter one minute, and move them to tears in the next. Attending even one of Burt Rosenberg’s appearances is a life-changing adventure. For more on Burt, visit his web site

Chris Van CleaveChris Van Cleave: Chris Starred in the third episode, “My Way Warren Winch,” and since has played many roles, including: Rex RockerArm, Blake Andrews, the Sheriff Kramer, Willy’s Fender, and Cramer Crankshaft. Singer-songwriter-actor, Chris Van Cleave, has starred in US national tours of Jesus Christ Superstar and Hair; written and performed with Laura Branigan, and he has opened for Kansas, Poco, Eric Burdon, Leon Russell, and Buckwheat Zydeco, He also played leading roles in Chess and Les Miserables in London West End theaters and has been featured in numerous American regional productions including starring as Scrooge in Virginia Musical Theatre’s A Christmas Carol, at Sandler Center for the Performing Arts.

Alex SealsAlex Seals: Alex is the voice of Jimmy, our Jeep’s owner and star of many of the episodes. Alex first starred as Jimmy in the third episode, “My Way Warren Winch”. Born in Nashville, TN, (not on a Mountain Top), Alex got into radio while at Johnson Bible College, where he became the general manager of the college station. Now Alex is with Truth Broadcasting and is one of the producers of the Christian Car Guy Show as well as the Producer of Bill Flynn in the Morning.

IMG_8545Brian Habicht: Brian starred in the 8th Episode of Christian Car Guy Theater, “Grand Pa’s Gift,” as Jimmy’s father and has since gone on to several other notable characters, including: Deputy Eustace Picollo, and Randy Radiator. Here is some of Brian’s biographical information. BRIAN HABICHT — hails from Colorado and lives in Los Angeles. He is a proud member of the Actor’s Co-op Theater Company in Hollywood, now in its 25th Season. Past stage shows include: THE MATCHMAKER, THE 1940’s RADIO HOUR. THE BOY’S NEXT DOOR, FREDDY WYATT’S CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, THE FANTASTICKS, 1776, SHE LOVES ME, THE CURIOUS SAVAGE, GUYS AND DOLLS, AND DAMN YANKEES. Brian has been in multiple independent films as well as numerous voice-over projects with Big Bad Tomato. Favorite network commercials include; Jack in the Box, Budweiser, Hormel and Sprint. Recent TV roles include recurring sketch performer on CONAN O’BRIEN. Brian has also been an active participant in Improv & Sketch Comedy stages in Los Angeles over the years. Brian is a member of the Liquid Radio Player’s Improv, Carpe Deo.

VanessaOreCommercial(1)(1)Vanessa Ore: Vanessa Starred in the 8th Episode of Christian Car Guy Theater, “Grand Pa’s Gift,” as Jimmy’s Mom. She has continued on in that roll and a new roll as Crystal Camshaft in “A Christmas Corolla”. In the Jailhouse Justice Series she plays ‘Georgina’ the somewhat flirty Radio dispatcher and Eustace admirer  . Vanessa has appeared in several feature films in principal and leading roles and has recently just wrapped on the film, “Imperium,” working opposite Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Sam Trammel(True Blood) and will be seen this Spring on the Sci Fi Thriller, “Dark Resonance” with Muse Watson (NCIS), which filmed in Statesville, NC. She has been honored by being named, “Favorite Local Actress” of 2015, by Elevate Lifestyle Magazine in Charlotte, NC and featured in the June issue of Today’s Charlotte Woman Magazine as one of 12 notable local Charlotte Women taking on Film in North Carolina. A New York Native, Vanessa has been involved with film acting for several years and trained with a variety of Coaches and techniques. She resides in Davidson, NC with her Husband and 3 Children.

Alan Johnson: Alan joined the cast with Plymouth Progress Episode 50 as Edsel Evangelist: Alanhas appeared numerous times at the Old Log Theater in Excelsior, MN., the longest continuously running Equity Theatre in the country. He received his training at the University of Minnesota and was part of the inaugural season of the Indiana Repertory Theatre. While he was studying at the U, he played the lead role in Borstal Boy, directed by the Abby Theater’s Tomas MacAnna. During his years in Los Angeles he was Managing Director of Actors Co-op Theatre Company where he appeared in numerous productions including Becoming Memories, Into the Woods, Pack of Lies, and Light Up The Sky.

Alan has also directed numerous award-winning productions including The 1940’s Radio Hour for which he received the LA Drama Critic’s Circle Award for direction. He was part of the ensemble of Beyond the Fringe directed by Paxton Whitehead at the LA Theater Center and has appeared in numerous television shows including Night Court, The Young & The Restless, and ER. Film appearances include The Babe with John Goodman, Heat Wave with Blair Underwood, and Thin Ice with Greg Kinnear and Alan Arkin. He voice has been heard in numerous commercials and he was the voice of “The Vulture” in the animated series Spiderman.

When not acting or directing, Alan travels across across the country performing his one-man comedy juggling act.

Julie Knox: Julie Starred in the 25th Episode of Christian Car Guy Theater as Brad’s daughter, Kristie. Northern Ireland-born Julie is a seasoned broadcaster, having cut her reporting teeth with the BBC in England before specializing as a Defense Correspondent and joining troops in warzones and overseas postings. Always adventurous, the former Olympic Games commentator has thrown herself into each assignment; interviewing people whilst waterskiing, parachuting, and even balancing atop a human pyramid of motorcycle stunt riders. She has also been attacked by a goat on camera!

God moved Julie to join a Christian ship-based ministry in 2016. She now uses her journalistic skills to share news of what God is doing around the world and trains others to tell their stories for His glory. Check out the inspirational Julie’s also an accomplished actress and documentary narrator with a serious weakness for Country music.

Boone Stokes: Boone stars in Episode 46 River Rock Retaliation Part five as Pastor Jack’s youngest son Joey.

Cecil Stokes gat a note one August morning about an 8-year-old named Boone, who needed to be out of his home that week as an emergency placement after being in 10 homes in three years.

“I wanted to fight for him … before I even met him,” Stokes said. That same week, he was approved to foster Boone. Six months later he was eligible to begin adoption proceedings. They were legally declared father and son in March 2016.


Mariah Dilmore: Mariah Starred in the 8th Episode of Christian Car Guy Theater, “Grand Pa’s Gift” as the voice of Allie, Jimmy’s difficult girlfriend. Mariah, Robby’s daughter, has been doing radio with her dad since she was about 8. She has since gone on to numerous roles in school theater, including a chance to star in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer’s Dr

eam” as “Puck”. Mariah loves acting, though she finds her dad’s script writing for teenage characters quite lame, so she re-writes most all her lines and loves to write as well.


image1Markie McRae: Markie starred in the 8th episode of Christian Car Guy Theater, “Grand Pa’s Gift,” as the voice of ‘Steven’ Simmons, Jimmy’s arch rival.In Episode 45-49 Markie Played Pastor Jack’s Son Johnny and In Episodes 50 and 51 he played Valiant’s Son, Sundance.

Here is a little about Markie: As a young leader in the community, Markie is always striving to be the best he can be. As a big brother he aspires to inspire his younger siblings by following his big dreams of becoming an actor in film. Markie has a passion for cinematography and hopes to venture on to TV, movies, voice-overs and commercials. While being apart of the Christian Car Guy Theater, Markie has gotten an even closer relationship with God. He hopes that by being a part of this cast, he can help an even greater audience to see the love that Jesus Christ has for us.

james-banks-pic-smaller-240x300Pastor James Banks: Pastor James starred in the 8th Episode of Christian Car Guy Theater, “Grand Pa’s Gift,” as Pastor Jack. An amazing addition to the cast, he continues on in that roll. Pastor James Banks is the Senior Pastor at Peace Presbyterian Church in Durham, NC, (yes he was type cast). He is also the amazing best selling author of Prayers for Prodigals, The Lost Art of Praying Together, Praying the Prayers of the Bible and his latest book Prayers for Your Children. So when Pastor Jack says we need to pray in many of the episodes of Christian Car Guy Theater, he is certainly qualified to help steer us towards our Father. Pastor James is truly an amazing man of God. His Web Site is a great resource for all his books and materials.

Lila Davis: Lila joined the team in Episode 50- A Plymouth’s Progress as Valiant’s Daughter “Cricket”. Lila started her acting at The Creative Theater in Clemmons, NC in both Mary Poppins and Into The Woods.  Being around radio and acting all her life as she plays an amazing role as Robby’s Grand Daughter.


Vinny(1)Vincent Mannino: Vinny is the voice of Guido Gasket, also premiering in the 8th episode of Christian Car Guy Theater, “Grand Pa’s Gift”. Vinny plays the Ghost of Christmas Future in the upcoming, “A Christmas Corolla”. Vinny grew up in New York City as a member of a very well regarded (should I say), Sicilian Family. Vinny is also Co-Host of the Masculine Journey Radio show where he often shares tales of his brand of Italian upbringing. Vinny is a Cathodist, having grown up very Catholic and now attends a Methodist Church. Although still very much a Catholic as a past Grand Knight with the Knights of Columbus, Vinny has been on some fabulous adventures raising money for the Lord on more projects than he can remember at 85. Vincent Mannino is one awesome brother in the Lord during his career as a prison guard with the NCDC he was known as, “The Guard Father”. Yes, I type cast him !

RozanneRozanne Seals: Rozanne is the voice of Bancroft Bonnet starring in the 8th episode of Christian Car Guy Theater, “Grand Pa’s Gift”. Rozanne was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and moved to the US when she was 14. She has taken modeling classes and was an extra in the show, “Necessary Roughness”.

Christian Snider: Christian got his start helping with the production audio and mixing in his first episode 10, “Garbage In Garbage Out 2”. He enjoyed that so much he tried out for and nailed the part of Wally Windshield Wiper in the next episode, “A Spoonful of Sugar”. He is also Creighton Crank Shaft, the ghostly brother of Cramer Crankshaft in “A Christmas Corolla”. Christian is an Intern at the Truth Radio Network. He Is in his 20’s and graduated high school in 2010. He was an actor in high school in productions such as “State Fair” and “Peter Pan”. He has been an actor since his youth. He has been a part of productions at church and in college. He was a former actor of Community Theatre of Greensboro in plays such as “Wizard of Oz” and “Hair Spray.” He is a former character actor for ‘First in Flight Entertainment’ in Winston Salem, NC. Christian graduated college in May of 2015 with an Associate in Applied Science degree for Broadcasting and Production Technologies. He currently works with the Single A Affiliate of the Chicago Whites, Winston¬-Salem Dash, as mascot Bolt. Christian started his voice acting debut with The Christian Car Guy radio theatre.
BenBenjamin Webb: Ben Plays the stunning role of ‘Phestus’  and Young Phestus in “A Christmas Corolla”.  He is also featured as the ‘Photographer Brad Pickerin’, villain extraordinaire in the “Pride Takes a Ride” and Jailhouse Justice Episodes.  Ben Webb is an intern at Truth Broadcasting. As a child, he performed in various plays and musicals while growing up in Georgia and later went on to study music at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Ben has been a Christian for thirteen years and seeks to serve the Lord through the performing arts. He lives in Clemmons, NC.


Bonnie Johnson: We are are very blessed to ad another Veteran Actress to our lineup: Bonnie joined us in Episode 19 “Pride Takes A Ride Part IV” as ‘Bonnie Perkins’, Allie’s grandmother. Bonnie was bitten by the acting bug at a very early age.  As a teenager, she watched Billy Graham movies and was inspired to use her acting talent to glorify the Lord.  She found her true passion in 1986 when she acted in her first feature film.   Since then, Bonnie has had a principal role in over 100 films, TV shows, and commercials and has worked with such stars as Denzel Washington, Tommy Lee Jones, Robin Williams, and Julia Roberts.  You might have seen her in a recent Coke/NASCAR commercial as an Austin Dillon fan asking for his autograph.  Her favorite co-star is her husband, Ted Johnson; you can see clips of their work at


Ted Johnson:  Joined the team in Episode 21 “Pride Takes A Ride Part VI” as ‘Spalding Sparkplug’. With a BS in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University and an MS in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University, Ted is enjoying a second career in acting and modeling.  Having grown up in the Pittsburgh area and after retiring in 2000 as a Senior Vice President with Bank of America, following forty years in business, most of it in the corporate financial services and securities industries, he has appeared in over 100 film productions including both theatrical and TV feature and independent films, commercials, industrials, student films, music videos and print work. He especially enjoys roles he can do with his wife Bonnie such as parent or grandparent roles.  Some examples of roles where they worked together include as Congresspersons in “Evan Almighty” with John Goodman and Steve Carell, as Andie MaDowell’s parents in “The 5th Quarter”, as Eve Best’s parents in her role as Dolly Madison in an episode of the PBS American Experience series and as grandparents in the American Family Studios film “I Am Potential”.  He also had roles as John Ellis, an 1865 Democratic Congressman from Connecticut in Stephen Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and as Secretary of State William Seward in the National Geographic special “Killing Lincoln”.   Ted enjoys playing a euphonium horn in the Charlotte Concert Band and his church orchestra. He dearly appreciates the coaching and encouragement he has received from his actor wife Bonnie as he has developed his second career.

cec8c4be-673d-48bb-a7c5-0d54e8aa9ab0Bob Dilmore: Also joining the team in Episode 19 “Pride Takes A Ride Part IV” as ‘Bob Perkins’, Allie’s grandfather, Bob, Coincidentally, (or not) Bob really is Allie’s grandfather, or perhaps better said he is Mariah’s, who play’s Allie. So yes that makes him Robby’s Dad.  He did radio back in his college days at Colgate when Radio Drama was in it’s golden years. He automotive career was quite distinguished. He joined Buick Motor Division in 1953 as an assistant car distributor. He held thirteen different field positions and three different central office positions in his tenure with General Motors. His last position was as National Director of Fleet, Lease, and Rental, setting an all-time record for fleet sales for Buick. He has owned dealerships in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. He was vice-president in charge of the Moderator staff at NCM, Vice-President of Dealer Services at Egan Management Co., and he started his own consulting firm in 1987 – Management Performance Groups, Inc.

Robby Crabina ElvisRobby Dilmore: So if you are wondering who does the other voices … Robby is the Narrator of Christian Car Guy Theater, as you may imagine, but also the voice of Danny Dip Stick, Nahum, and Eduardo Exhaust, as well as the whole cast of the original episode, “Lazy Sammy Starter” a cameo appearance of Crabina Crab in Jailhouse Justice Part 5. Robby is seen here as Crabina and Elvis Crab, characters he is infamous for during his many years with Truth Broadcasting. Some say Elvis plays the part of Nahum, (they would be right) and even Crabina got into the act in the first Episode “Lazy Sammy Starter”! Crabina played Penelope Piston.
So if I can stop talking in the third person for a minute, here is how God brought about Christian Car Guy Theater. A few years ago, I was asked to work on a project for the Bible Exhibit, “Passages” that the folks from Hobby Lobby have touring the nation. They wanted to develop a radio show to help share this amazing exhibit and to reinforce how God has protected His Word, the Bible, through the ages.
My thought was that we needed to reach the next generation with this message and have material that younger listeners would enjoy, plus gain an audience we don’t get much of in Christian Teaching and Talk Radio. I convinced my boss to produce a pilot children’s show, “Passages”. I worked for months on it, writing the scripts, auditioning actors, getting music and effects. It was a labor of love and I was really thinking the folks from Hobby Lobby would love it, but alas, after another couple months of discussions, the project was rejected and boy, did that hurt! So, I continued to go back to God with it, pleading for a reconsideration. God gave me the drama behind “Nahum’s Mat,” the three-part episode, and I began to write that, but ran out of gas. I kept praying and asking God what was next for “Passages”. Finally in April 2015, God expressed to me that I had a platform to share Christian Children Programming and it was already on stations across the Country.
So I wrote a one 8-minute-segment show, “Lazy Sammy Starter,” and because I assumed I would need a budget to hire actors, I did all the voices myself … (plus, it was really hard to let down the crew of “Passages”, which included Markie, who plays Steven in Christian Car Guy Theater and my daughter Mariah, who plays Allie). This time the sponsors of the Christian Car Guy Show loved it.
Then God had some more treats for me. My friend, Ann Ault, listened that day and she too loved it and asked if I would write her into the next script. Ann is an amazing actress who had starred in “Adventures in Odyssey”. I was amazed and quickly wrote, “Sinister Sally Serpentine”.
God had more and more surprises as Ann began contacting other actors who would be willing to donate their talents to the show … Ellen Kennedy, a mystery writer, and Burt Rosenburg, the comedian, plus Chris Van Cleave, a talented dramatic actor and singer. What amazing gifts they all brought to the show! Ellen has gone on to write many episodes, along with Ann and her continual casting help.
In the “Grand Pa’s Gift” episode that Ellen wrote, we brought on so many more, including Brian Habicht of “Dennis The Menace Strikes Again,” Steven and Mariah (as I mentioned before,) plus Pastor James Banks, Vinny Mannino, and Vanessa Ore, another gifted actress.
As I write this, we are working on our Christmas 2015 Extravaganza and God has brought more actors and even some help with the production. It is even more fun to work on as the cast and crew grows with such gifted Godly people. Each episode brings me closer to the Lord and it is certainly my prayer that they will for you, too! Robby