Nahum’s Mat Part III

Narrator: Time Now for Christian Car Guy Theater…
With Today’s Episode Nahum’s Mat Part 3
Previously on Nahum’s Mat

Radio Distress Announcement: Break: Standby Mountain Rescue Team C for Emergency Beaver County Sherriff’s Report: We have four missing Hikers, repeat 4 missing hikers due back Last night: Will Identify as the Andrew’s group.

Marcy: Darina, he’s unconscious I can reach down and touch his face and feel his hair but he’s not
Jeff: Marcy!! Grab the rug can you see it I see a streak of light down there. Can you see it?
Marcy: Yes! I see it, but I’m not leaving Blake, hmmm there’s some kind of old writing on that rug, maybe it’s a map out of here… It says let’s see, It says Nahum’s Mat: Mark 2 ..What in the world? More Craziness. I am not leaving Blake!

Darina: Man this is too creepy, listen to this Bible story: And they came, bringing to him a paralytic carried by four men. 4 And when they could not get near him because of the crowd, they removed the roof above him, and when they had made an opening, they let down the bed on which the paralytic lay. 5 And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”

SFX…wolves running and growling.
SFX… Flare exploding
Jimmy: Scram get out a here before I set you all on fire…
Sfx…wolves wimpering running away
Jimmy: Hey!, is anyone down there: are you the Andrews Hikers…
Blake, Darina, Jeff and Marcy: Yes, Oh Thank God you got here when you did,
Narrator: Meanwhile the rocker arms that were broken on Jimmy’s Jeep were still in his pocket when they came to understand their predicament was similar to the Hikers
Renee: Rex, I’m guessing that we are in the same situation here. If we forgive Mick and Roxy we could be placing them in a place of healing at Jesus feet.
Narrator: Then Darina Cried out from the shaft…
Darina: forgiveness may be easy for you Jeff and Marcy but I’m not about to destroy my life by allowing Blake in it again.
Blake Coughs Faintly: It don’t matter much now anyway I don’t think I have ten more breaths…
Jimmy: Hey down in the shaft, I think this is old Nahum he knows this mine like the back of his hand hold on.
SFX car door slams:
Nahum: Bad, Bad…The most important thing right now is boy, is do you know if you die, will you go to heaven?
Blake (quietly with almost his last breath): Never though about it..
Nahum: Right now then, boy do you know Jesus, do you know what He did for you do you know He is God’s Son?
Marcy: Darina! We have got to forgive Blake right now, it may be the only chance he has to be in heaven to not spend eternity in Hell. Darina, you have got to let him down on the Mat just like Jeff said let him down to Jesus Feet.
Narrator: And Now Episode 3:

Nahum: Well Jimmy, we’ve done what we could for now with his soul, Now let’s see if we can get him outa there. The rest of you three pray, Jimmy the old cage ain’t far from where Blake is a layin. If we can get him in the old cage and then about three or four cheese weights on the winder cable should give him quite a ride top side. So you’d better call the Sheriff and get a chopper up here pronto to transport him.

Jimmy: Breaker, this is Mountain Rescue C. Sheriff Nahum got here and says he has a plan to get Blake out. Can you get a chopper up here to transport him?

Sheriff’s Office: Roger that Jimmy, we’ll dispatch one immediately, still be 20 minutes or so.

Nahum: Well it’ll probably take that long to get him top side let’s get going..

Hey you hikers in the mine, Jimmy and are going to ride the cage down close to you. Whoever is closest to Blake when you hear the cage start lowering by you then start screaming so we know about where to look.

Narrator: Nahum and Jimmy made there way to the Old Head frame where the Elevator that brought up the miners and the Ore called a cage was located. Nahum was explaining to Jimmy.

Nahum: Jimmy those kids are trapped on different levels of the original Ventilation shaft the cage shaft is only a few feet from them. Pray we can get there to Blake in time. Here grab a couple of Cheese weights for the ride back.. A couple four of these babies will get us down fast, then put em on the winder cable to ease the ride back topside.

Narrator: While Jimmy and Nahum were loading the cage with rescue equipment down in the mine the conversation continued.

Marcy: Blake hang in there, there’s help on the way.


Blake are you Ok, still with us?

Jeff: Blake Buddy stay awake it won’t be long, I forgive you just hang with us don’t let go.

Marcy: I can’t even hear him breathing, Blake come back don’t leave us.

Jeff: You’ve got to stay awake; Blake, are you with us?

Darina: Oh, God no, no, no! Blake I forgive you God knows I forgive you… Jesus please, please if you can’t keep him breathing, please just help him to eternity with you. Jesus save him.. I don’t want him to suffer forever I want him there with You..

Blake: Hugh, cough, cough ..Darina, I am so, so sorry. Forgiveness, God forgiveness, I don’t deserve this. How, why would you, cough, cough.. I need you Jesus I need to find my way, I admit I have messed all this up, I believe you are God’ son, I believe you can show me the way..cough, cough

Sfx: Cage Lowering

Marcy: (Screaming) Right Here, Jimmy, Nahum, Blake’s right here! Jimmy, Right Here, do you hear me!

Jimmy: Nahum, I think I hear them.

Marcy: (Screaming) Right Here, right here, can you hear me…

Nahum: Alright let’s see what we got here. (yep) we’re here Let’s take a look:

SFX: Cage opening

Narrator: As The Cage opens Nahum sees what he was hoping for Blake is lodged in a man hole cut in the side of the Ventilation shaft and fairly accessible.
Except a fallen timber that blocked part of the way.

Jimmy: Blake can you see the light? We are here for you. Blake, Blake can you hear us?

Jeff: Sounds like he passed out again Jimmy, Hurry.

Nahum: Jimmy grab that pry bar I’ll wedge that timber up a bit and when I do slide one of those big cheese weights under it to support it.

SFX: wedging. Cave in sound
Nahum: Uh, Uh Ok Jimmy now!

SFX: sliding weight

Jimmy: Let me see if I can get to him now. Ug, ug. I got him Nahum but I need another few inches to slide him under that timber.

Nahum: Not sure we have enough leverage to get it high enough to take another cheese weight, beside it about caved in with the last one. I wish we had something about 6 inches high strong enough to hold that timber.

Jimmy: Hey, Nahum I have these broken rocker arms I was hoping to replace or something, maybe these would work.

Renee: Ha, Rex I knew God would find a use for our brokenness. Mick, Roxy. Did you hear that we just need to stack up for this task and we can help save Blake.

Mick: Really, what a prayer Renee. Who would a though we’d be pushing up timber, Your God rocks Rex and Renee.

Roxy: I never woulda thought we’d stack up again, Renee what an amazing God that can use broken Rockers

Jimmy: Look how these babies stack together Nahum, I think it will work.

Nahum: Alright I’ll give it another shove then you prop up that timber..AHHH..Now!

SFX crash like cave in:

Jimmy: That’s it Nahum, I got him.

SFX: Sliding noise:

Nahum: OK Jimmy Slide him in the Cage and I’ll put those Weights on the Winder Cable..

SFX: Cage lifts back to the Headframe fading to Chopper

Sherrif: I decided to come myself Jimmy: let’s get Blake hooked to this oxygen first is he breathing?

Jimmy: Yeah he’s breathing, he unconscious but he’s got a pretty good pulse.

Nahum: Jimmy let’s go back and get the others these guys have got Blake now. God didn’t bring him up like that if’in he didn’t have more for the boy I don’t recon.

Narrator: 6 month’s later at Beaver County Hospital

SFX: Slap … Baby Crying

Blake: It’s a boy Darina … It’s a boy, do you want to name him what we said?

Darina: Yeah, His name is Nahum Matthew Andrews, God’s gift to us in so many ways, we’ll just call him Matt.