“By Thy Commandments I am made wise by my enemies, they are ever with me.”

Psalms 119:98

Study what your enemy is attacking and you will see what he is afraid of or hates. So with that in mind; why do you think, Jesus validates us, telling us how beautiful and uses terms of affection 173 times in 117 verses in the Song of Solomon. The first attack s on the Bible itself, then the Song of Solomon isn’t about the Bride of Christ. See the strategy is for us to believe all the labels, Satan has for us, “loser”, “stupid”, “fat”, “lazy”. Not the Truth, which, Jesus as the Word and in His Word has for you in rich rich poetry.

The fourth Chapter of the Song of Solomon alone has 60 words of endearment… “Behold Thou art fair my love behold thou art fair”.. Time and again Jesus tells us.. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT WE BELIEVE HIM???


So much of the story in the Song of Solomon is the lover trying to coax his beloved out of hiding. So He can see her and hear her voice…

Count on it you are beautiful and you have something to say… WHEN YOU REFLECT HIM – you can’t miss.