carsSomehow I think the spirit of this question is at the heart of our ministry. The name itself, (Christian Car Guy) offends many both Christians and non-Christians. On twitter there is an account @CarGuyChristain, the first line of his description reads “No religion here!”. I don’t know if he is a Christian or not but he is leaving “life” out of his twitter feed, not because he posts cool stuff about cars, but because he thinks God is not along for the ride. To quote John Eldridge, “It’s the old Gnostic heresy, the division of the sacred and the profane.”
The Young Profit Jeremiah, (scholars suggest he wasn’t but about twenty years old when he started his ministry), had his mouth touched by God similarly to Isaiah, then in the first prophesy he proclaimed after that encounter at Jerusalem; was to ask the people if they found something at fault in the Lord that they did not ask; “WHERE IS THE LORD”? Jeremiah 2. So I ask you when you are picking the color for your next car do you ask, “where is the Lord?”?
Can you imagine a Christmas scenario where you ask you child what they want for Christmas and they say, “whatever your will is for me.” My heart would be screaming, “No, I want to know what would make your heart go pitter pat, what do you really, really want?” My delight as a parent is giving gifts that I know bring my children joy. Do you not think that your Heavenly Father wants to give you a car that makes your heart go pitter pat, that blue one or the yellow one? No, he does not want us to lust after it or make it an idol, but the heart of a father longs for the joy of his child.
Recently I wanted to take an amazing vacation adventure and rent a 28′ sailboat out of Florida for a week to take my family on. In order to qualify you had to have sailing experience and fill out this long questionnaire and have references. Oh was I concerned I might not qualify or have the money when the time came, my heart was longing to go on this adventure so naturally I prayed and ask God to go ahead of me to share the adventure together if this would work out.
Just like God’s timing both the money and the approval came on the same day, my heart jumped for joy and I told my heavenly Father how excited I was; do you know the next person I longed to tell the good news? My dad, it was only natural that I wanted my dad to share in my joy, think about that; don’t we all long to share joy with our Fathers both earthly and heavenly? I know we all have father wounds the enemy has been trying to get between us and our Fathers our whole life; he has come to steal and destroy. I’m not saying you can call your father and share your joy, I’m simply saying I believe there is something deep inside that longs for that and I know with all my soul that Jesus can help you heal and bind up your broken heart especially on this issue.
Does God care what color car you get? Count on it. My all time favorite verse in the Bible Song of Songs 8:13 the lover cries out to the beloved, “Let me hear your voice”. The Father really, really longs to hear your voice and share your joy and your heartache.

Below are some other tips on Color if you want to know what might be best for you logic

Color percentages sold
Silver 20.2%
White 18.4%
Black 11.6%
Med/Dark Gray 11.5%
Light Brown 8.8%
Med/Dark Blue 8.5%
Medium Red 6.9%
Med/Dark Green 5.3%
Bright Red 3.8%
Dark Red 0.9% Source: DuPont Automotive
Color Safety Study
The Vehicle Color Study, conducted by Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) and published in 2007, analyzed 855,258 accidents occurring between 1987 and 2004 in the Australian states of Victoria and Western Australia that resulted in injury or in a vehicle being towed away. The study analyzed risk by light condition. It found that in daylight black cars were 12% more likely than white to be involved in an accident, followed by grey cars at 11%, silver cars at 10%, and red and blue cars at 7%, with no other colors found to be significantly more or less risky than white. At dawn or dusk the risk ratio for black cars jumped to 47% more likely than white, and that for silver cars to 15%. In the hours of darkness only red and silver cars were found to be significantly more risky than white, by 10% and 8% respectively.
There are other factors that affect a logical choice of color: resale value, longevity, ease of repair and heat absorption.
So with all that in mind here is Robby’s list:
#1 Choice is White for these reasons safety 5 stars, resale 4 stars, longevity 5 stars. It never fades and if it does it fades to white. Ease of repair 5 stars, heat absorption 5 stars
#2 Choice is Red: safety 5 stars, resale 5 stars, longevity 3 stars.. Ease of repair 4 stars if non metallic 3 if metallic, heat absorption 3 stars.
#3 Choice is Blue: safety 3 stars, resale 2 stars, longevity 3 stars.. Ease of repair 4 stars if non metallic 3 if metallic, heat absorption 2 stars.
#4 Choice is Green: safety 3 star, resale 1 star, longevity 2 stars.. Ease of repair 2 stars 3 if non metallic, heat absorption 2stars.
#5 Choice is Silver: safety 1 stars, resale 4 stars, longevity 2 stars.. Ease of repair 2 stars, heat absorption 4stars.
#6 Choice is Black: safety 1 stars, resale 5 stars, longevity 4 stars.. Ease of repair 5 stars if non metallic 2 if metallic, heat absorption 0 stars. Note: Maintenance on black is very time consuming and very hard to keep from surface scratches
I do realize in the end most times color is not a logical choice but a choice of taste. Getting what you want is very, very important because, to love your car is to love the color for many, and if you love and keep you car for years and years as I have Old Red it not only provides you with years of enjoyment but save you tens of thousands in some cases like Rachel it can save you a half a million.