help get you back on budget

  1. Pray: asking Jesus to lead you is one of the joys of the Christian life
  2. Don’t Speed: I estimate Americans waste 203 Million gallons of gas a week on speeding
  3. Breathe: relax, leave early, give yourself more time before you leave
  4. Record: Keep records of your mileage, set goals for economy helpful Links
  5. Take the high road: Highways and parkways have less stop and go
  6. Travel Light: Don’t leave Junk in your trunk, or extra anything don’t even fill your gas tank Airlines don’t
  7. Maintain: a maintained cars save money, tire pressure, serviced with low viscosity oil per owners manual, service lights off, alignment
  8. Momentum: Slow down way before you have to stop at a light keep your momentum
  9. Keep Cool Naturally In Town: Use less A/C By keeping your Windows down in town but remember over 50 it’s not thrifty wind resistance cost more gas than A/C over 50mph
  10. Name Your Car: Enjoying your ride and the fun of driving it keeps you relaxed and less likely to go into road rager, gas drinker