There was a heart grabbing line in the original movie “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen, when his son Charley is told that, “believing is seeing”. Now look up at the picture above at that lion cub, what do you think that lion cub believes about his father? The little child in the picture to the left, do you think he wonders for a millisecond if his dad will drop him? Such is faith, and the man in the middle is faithfully loving his Corvette, (wouldn’t you?) as he knows its worth to him. What happens when someone breaks faith is also amazing to me.

A number of years ago many states came out with ‘Lemon Laws’ that a consumer after a certain number of repair attempts within a specific time period would require the manufacturer to buy back the “Lemon”. Here comes the amazing part, afterwards we would have these “Lemons” to sell. Naturally you would have all this disclosure paper work and gigantically reduced price, so they sold pretty easily as they were almost new cars very low miles and very cheap. As a Chrysler dealer it wouldn’t be unusual in a large dealership to have one a month. Would you believe me if I told you of all those “Lemons” we sold, I never remember even one coming back to fix the problem that designated them a “Lemon”? The way I see that was, that breaking faith is similar in that “believing is seeing”.

I believe Satan is offering up lies, about your car, your mechanic, you car salesman: worse; your wife, your kids, your boss, your church, you, yourself and your God waiting for you to believe and the chains take immediate hold. Agreements you make with Satan, the result in a car sounds like, “Old Betsy has too many miles on her, too old, its going to nickle and dime me to death, they just don’t make em like they used to.”

Here is where your Dad, that Lion up there can help you out, God your Father and Jesus your husband have the  legal right to break your vows, (see Numbers 30:). Don’t miss  that Satan has a legal right to mess with you when you have made an agreement that breaks faith in or with anything, unless you realize what you have believed and called on God to help your break that agreement.

Faithfully loving is an amazing gift, when you believe your daughter is going to come through and continue to encourage her, or that your Church is going to reach your neighbor for Christ so you invite him to come with you. Those are huge, but it is also very cool when you believe that “Old Betsy” is no different than the Corvette above and worth restoring or at least fixing the brakes, before you trade her in on a newer model.