The world of   forgiveness  is exciting…
In the Old  Testament God talks about not only forgiving but forgetting  REPENTANT  sins or  transgressions. 
It is my understanding that
not all sins are forgiven,
repentant sins are forgiven
and all sins are forgivable.
In the world of auto insurance there are many shades and types of forgiveness…
After a certain period of time, if you do not have new problems, your driving transgressions disappear.   It used to be all accidents and violations disappeared after 7 years.  A string of problems can now extend how long the insurance company keeps track of transgressions.
In many cases- a few Minor transgressions, accidents and violations, only effected your insurance record for 3 years.
In many states you were given one minor violation and or minor accident without your insurance rates being effected…..
Some insurance companies will charge you more for
“accident and or violation forgiveness”. 
Nothing is free.
Some companies will offer JUST forgiveness for an accident
Some companies will forgive more than one accident, and some stop at one accident.
Some companies will, for an additional cost, forgive a minor traffic violation.
Some, like Nationwide Insurance, will forgive more than one minor violation….
Some companies will offer you forgiveness, and forgive the first transgression and then cancel your collision insurance after the second transgression.  
In NC, and many states, the increase in insurance costs,
because of an accident or violation, is more a kin to a tax..
The vast majority of the increased cost is passed on to the state…
In NC I have been told about 90% of the increase goes to the North Carolina Rate Bureau.  This three year penalty is used to help pay claims caused by people with really bad driving records.
It can be challenging to compare automobile policies today.
The 1 800 or inter net quote may look a few dollars lower but you may have vastly different benefits and levels of protection.
With Nationwide Insurance, the number one writer of auto insurance in North Carolina, it does not cost you anything more to have a personal agent.
If you are in North Carolina, I would like to be that agent…. for you.