That was the Untied States of America Army Field Band in 2017 – It has 17 million 548,000 views on you tube – Very Recently

Let that sink in a minute – That was the US Army – did you hear that pure Christian Message and a double Amen, a glorious double amen I may add…

My Father Loved that song and if you grew up in the Dilmore house hold on The 4th of July Weekend – we had a Big Magnavox Stereo Hi Fi as Big as TV’s were back then with a record changer that would hold about 6 albums and He would load up That song with many John Philips Sousa Greats and you would hear it all over the house starting about 7am

So what that means to me is that here in our generation; the Love of Christ in America is still so evident in this – Don’t get me wrong we have a long long way to go but this really encourages me.

In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea”… That Passage I am guessing came from the second chapter of the Song of Solomon, where Lilies are mentioned three times. Lilies quite clearly of the Valleys. The richest soil is in the Valleys, it is the broken up top soil from the Mountains and the hills. Jesus taught us in Mark 4, the the Parable of The Soils that it is the Parable of Parables – Like The Song of Songs.

13 And He said to them, “Do you not understand this parable? How then will you understand all the parables?

Mark 4:13

You see if we don’t get broken up and humbled and actually die to ourselves and get planted in that soil we will never blossom.

Like a lily among thorns,

So is my love among the daughters.

Song of Songs 2:2

Freedom comes as the Battle Hymn of the Republic says, let us die to set men free, His truth is Marching on.”…..