Getting It Straight

Like many God sized tasks straightening a frame or uni-body is both extremely dangerous and in my view more of an art than a task. In order to “Get it Straight” the job requires both skill and meticulous measurement against a perfect standard. How cool is that, when done well a car will not only go straight down the road without steering correction but it will get better gas mileage, turn properly, stop properly, and a host of other benefits. Such as the steering wheel will not only be centered but will return to center almost effortlessly, the vehicle will corner properly getting deep traction in the turns with much much less tire wear. Doors open and close better, hoods and trunks fit and open and close properly.

Perhaps most importantly the car is much safer when the Uni-body having been engineered from the beginning to be “Straight” actually is. All the computer aided design of crumple zones, air bag deployment, passenger area reinforcement to some extent depend on things being aligned as intended.

In the old days, (see above) we had actual ladder style frames getting those straight was a lot less complex but the finished product with that technology was no where near as safe for the passengers in a crash as today’s uni-bodies. With today’s technology all the major parts of the body are integrated into the structure as framework thus bringing all of the components working together to protect the passengers. Computer designs for this are mind blowing and technology very impressive see the results in our dropping highway death tolls see my article “A Safe Place Highway death tolls drop 25% since 2005”. The challenge is that when these bodies are in a crash even a minor one sometimes the resulting alignment of all the parts is altered effecting all this technology.

With all that in mind today’s frame machines ‘pictured above’ are now also far more complex with all sorts of angles to pull from and measurements that before weren’t possible. This kind of equipment takes a much more size-able investment for Body shops as well as the expertise to perform this artful kind of alignment.

All the more reason I believe you need to know ahead of time a body shop with the skill and the integrity to shoot straight as well as get it straight. Your kids, your wife, yourself may have an accident at anytime and the authorities are going to ask you where to tow it to and this is the time when your preparedness will really pay off. This is by all means a prayer need, God cares and would love to help. We would love to help, that why we have the ask an expert page and the Jesus Labor of Love Participant list to help you. There is nothing like knowing you have a body shop that knows all this stuff and has the equipment and artisans/expertise to get it STRAIGHT…

This kind of frame straightening I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our lives benefit from being on God’s Uni-body style frame machine. This week I wrote a chapter for my up coming book “The Legend of Banana Pants” called ‘Fight, Fight Fight’, please read it when you have time. The God style frame straightening experience of that for me was that when I finished it I sent it to my mother and she recalled it completely differently at first she even thought it happened in California not Illinois. We were able to sort all that out but this caused me to go and check my Journals that I have been keeping for almost 20 years to see if things were as I remembered them. They were not, not even close.

Details about some of my biggest trials, cancer, my leg being crushed by the Jeep so many things I had forgotten and even had changed the story in my mind. It was like I was in the Matrix. Satan, and my own flesh had obviously stolen certain things and altered others..AHHHHH, I need to get straightened out. How?  I need the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Father , His word at times to be my straight edge. But also God asked me to keep the journal I believe for this very reason.

The understanding that I don’t even know my own story in itself is a frame straightener. I could be mad at folks that didn’t do the things I thought they did and certainly not with the motive I thought they did them. Jesus help us to interpret our lives to fight the good fight putting on the belt of Truth. Lord you are the Truth, the Life and by all means the way to everlasting life.