On StarAs Drivers Demand Advanced Technologies

OnStar Launches Two New Services and Offers “Three Years on Us”

Owners of 2011 Model Year and Newer Vehicles Eligible for Free Basic Service;

OnStar Smart Driver and Proactive Alerts Coming Soon

WHAT:  Detroit, MI. – OnStar is making it easier for drivers of model year 2011 and newer vehicles to take advantage of the latest connected car services, including remote vehicle commands and vehicle health reports free for three years. The basic service allows access to Advanced DiagnosticsDealer Maintenance Notifications and select RemoteLink mobile app features.

Additionally, OnStar will soon launch two new services – Proactive Alerts and OnStar Smart Driver – for free on newer model year vehicles.
OnStar Smart Driver is designed for customers who want to know more about their driving habits and provides feedback on how to be a better driver. OnStar customers who choose to enroll will get access to a detailed smart driver assessment based on their driving history. Customers can then log-in to their OnStar.com account to get info on their specific driving habits (hard braking, hard acceleration, etc.), their overall OnStar Smart Driver score, and see how they compare against a group of aggregated and anonymous customers also enrolled in the program.  If eligible, customers can choose to send their OnStar Smart Driver score anonymously to an insurance company for potential auto insurance discounts.

OnStar has provided monthly diagnostic email reports to its subscribers for years. Now, with Advanced Diagnostics and the 4G LTE connection, the service is able to anticipate potential vehicle issues before they occur. OnStar will offer industry-leading Proactive Alerts that notify owners in advance of certain component conditions before vehicle performance is impacted by monitoring an unparalleled level of vehicle data. This predictive technology can help owners “see the future” and is initially focused on the battery, starter motor and fuel pump, all of which are vital to keeping a vehicle running. Additional vehicle parts and components are expected to be added in future model years.