Years ago I had the joy of interviewing the Kendrick Brothers as they were introducing their movie “War Room” I asked them how they came up with such great movies and I have never forgotten, Alex’s answer, he said, “Robby there are good ideas and there are God ideas, we only work on God ideas.” The wisdom of that fills theaters to this day.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in a car show at Sweetwater Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia, right outside of Atlanta. I have to say as I watched this event for the 4th year I got to take part in it, I stand amazed at the wisdom of how they organize it. Clearly the prayer and thoughtfulness of it leads me to the conclusion it was a God idea. Here are a few Key Ingredients I would note and the Wisdom of them.

  1. LOVE- It is all about LOVE, from top to bottom, they love God, their members and they love their neighbors. They want all to come to Christ as their Lord and Savior and that could not be more evident. They love their cars and rejoice in the joy that the participants have in them. As a result the whole thing is to have everyone feel like they are God’s favorite – Grace. I really can’t describe the love that is expressed from their pastor down to every volunteer.
  2. Food – they have a Barbecue contest in conjunction with the car show that their members take part in as a result they had like 14 Pork Shoulders of delicious barbecue, that is free to all who attend, I mean a feast. The other feast they offer is God’s word as they bring me to share a message as people are waiting for the judges to decide the winners of all the trophies.
  3. Timing – They start at 10 and and immediately start giving door prizes, food starts at 11am and by 1pm, it is all over, there is a whole lot going on for the whole time, and smooth as silk.
  4. People – So much goes into the preparations, invites, door prizes to acquire, recruiting what looked to me to be more than 50 volunteers. To say the whole church gets behind this would be how I would describe it.

I know they work on it year round, but more than that you can sense God’s favor all over it, which tells me they must have huge prayer support…

What a way to love on Your Community, If you love people and love cars….