And I would add a great marriage and a great life. All we need are the right materials and fortunately for us in the Song of Solomon we have God’s wisdom about those materials as provided by the Bride in Chapter one verse 17.

The beams of our house are cedar the roof is cypress.

Song of Songs 1:17

A careful study of those materials blew my mind at their qualities.

  1. Both cedar and cypress are anointed with oil that’s the reason they smell amazing, they are insect repellent, and especially cypress is water repellent. Hmmmm – seems Godly doesn’t it.
  2. Both trees seem to be in super slow motion, both a cedar and a cypress take centuries to mature, a cedar takes three years just to make a pine cone and some are over 3,000 years old. Because they grow so slowly their rings, (trees have rings in their grain for every year) are very, very close together making them nearly impossible to warp or crack. Hmmmm seems Godly doesn’t it.

A simply amazing study is the Hebrew letters in these materials – The letter resh is repeated 4 times – The miracle verse in the resh section of the 119th Psalm

“Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever”

Psalms 119:160

If things start out straight and true they last forever… So let’s apply these to saving gas.

  1. Slow down both in your speed but in your speed of life, to take every though captive to God and make good gas mileage decisions. Take more time in planning, in measuring, in margin of life to use more time for the trip even perhaps sharing a ride or public transportation. Don’t get hurried; it warps and cracks us.
  2. Insects rot away so much and for that we need anointing oil. Only God provides that, but we have to ask, and I am talking about the insects that eat away at our tires, transmission seals, wiring, circuits, hoses, all those little things that lead to big things. Why do you think the Israelites shoes didn’t wear out in the desert?
  3. In the end we will know the Truth and that why we need to start there, in our marriage, in our life and in our stewardship of our resources….