I’ll just give you the answer and then look at the principle involved. This morning on may way to work, it was 27 degrees and had snowed the night before with black ice all over the road; do you think I looked at my phone or was even temped to? No not for a second.

The sad news is I do have that habit and not just my driving, but I get distracted at work or when listening to my wife, (that doesn’t end well), but the one that I really struggle with is in prayer. The great news is God showed me this and then proved it to me.

A simple Proverb, yet so profound it is in fact my answer at a way deeper level than I have ever seen before.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Proverbs 3:5

I certainly knew this before but had missed something significant as I take out the things I am leaning on that are not perceived as dependent on God and the road get slipperier and thus my attention becomes more focused and once I reach the end of all my leanings I am left with the only one that works, God.

I can find so many things to lean on, my health, my money, my relationships, my country, my Church – yet as soon as once of those falters, my prayer life becomes way more focused.

So just to apply this to my driving, I have big tires I think on the road but in reality I only have a few inches of tire surface on the road. I think the car coming towards me is driven by a competent sober, undistracted, healthy driver. I think all the major components of the drive train, steering and brakes as well as the safety devices on my car are all sound. There are in fact countless factors I can’t possibly know as I am driving or walking or discussing things with my wife.

This is the beauty of seeing people who are truly meek, with a child like heart who trust in the LORD. LEANING, LEANING SAFE AND SECURE FROM ALL ALARMS> LEANING ON THE EVERLASTING ARMS. God does know all that, but just as importantly He knows what I am leaning on now that I don’t even know. So if I feel something being kicked out from underneath me – my guess is: It’s God helping leaning on something that will hold.

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