Do You Think its a coincidence that Jesus sixth word from the cross was “It is finished” and on the sixth day of creation God finished? Even more so, do you think its a further coincidence that Jesus seventh word from the cross was, “Into Your hands I commit my Spirit,” The ultimate picture of rest, as pictured above.

It’s good to finish something well. recently I was putting a carburetor on my push lawn mower, normally the sort of a task that’s hard to finish for me. My fearful way of reassembling usually consists of adding one component and testing, going back redoing it, testing again etc…, etc… back I would go back test many times and rarely if ever really finish or in my case put everything back on the mower I took off.

This time I was confident in spite of the complicated mechanical task, without testing once, I completely reassembled the mower, every hose and filter, even put the cover back on before I tried to start it and sure enough once I was really finished, pulled the cord only about half way and the mower fired off like new. Now I could rest and I mean really rest in a great place a job well done.

What is the only thing commanded in the 23rd Psalm, REST! “He MAKES ME lay down in green pastures. What’s the difference between a good new born baby and a difficult one? Answer: If they sleep through the night- REST.

Look carefully at Genesis 2:3 ” Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, for on it He ceased from all His work that God created for the purpose of preparing.

Note the word “bless” in Hebrew: Barak- to kneel. Clearly God blessed Saturday, who doesn’t love Saturday. Consider with me that God has won, his plans are to bless me, not to harm me, right? RIGHT? Getting that concept from my head to my heart is beyond difficult; just yesterday when I was sure I was running out of gas fretting, and worrying it seemed the world was coming to an end!! I was stuck in traffic right before the tunnel from West Virginia to Virginia car’s distance to empty had gone from 26 miles to 2 in less than five miles because we were in an hour slow down, I was ready to burst. REST? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Ahhhhhh… Now with that in mind, Robby, kneel, really, just kneel, give it to God, the Big guy has this and Oh by the way He did. DO I TRUST HIM OR NOT?

That’s why kneeling, resting, trusting God blesses Him, what parent dosn’t delight in his kids resting and trusting them? Be still my soul…please God help me to grow in faith and trust and hope, not just for the tiny running out of gas incident but for the larger story – The Kingdom is Coming and my story is full of gospel power if I will boldly share it.