We have a family that has been victim to two fires in the last year that needs a transmission, trying to get the part and funds to install it.

Still Have the domestic violence victim who rear axle fell out in repairs, she needs prayers as her ex-husband is very dangerous and looking for her and we still need to get the car so she can work.

Another domestic violence victim who we donated a used engine but now it has wiring issues she has been out of a car for two months and is very discouraged.

Single Father who is trying to do school and work is struggling with a Nissan Transmission.

Our account is now below $1,500 the lowest its been in a long long time, please pray for God’s provision

Still working on getting more volunteers



Single mom who needed car ready for a long move go it fixed yesterday

Homeless man got his car’s suspension repaired yesterday

Utah Single Mom got some used tires she desperately needed


I can not thank you enough for your prayers… we see miracles everyday thanks to them…Blessings, Robby