This Amputee in bad need of a transmission in Raleigh, NC Needs Car Insurance as well…
I’m bilingual below knee amputee need transportation back and forth for doctors appt and meeting and to get a partime job I’ve worked every since was old enough to and really would love to be able to get back out there on my own its been hard but I haven’t given up i thank the lord every day any assistance i would really appreciate thank you
This Single Mom in Lexington, KY we can’t help her till she gets car insurance and she needs $187 for insurance before we can even help with her locked up Caliper.
Thanks so much for ur time and going an extra step for me and my two kids it means a lot ive had a very hard and ruff life I know God loves me because he blesses me every day with two happy heathy children I don’t have family because my kids are mixed race and I was thrown to the street we have lost everything ive ever bought we have the fee outfits I have bought and a table  when I say they took everything they took my  pillows and blankets we sleep with big towels but yet we wake up is the blessing in it all may God bless you for taken you time to care for a family so far away and u in such need. Thanks so much
We did get this homeless Single Mom’s car towed and beginning repairs bu we are going to need more
I have 3 children, I’m self Employed ‘ an my truck broke down, while working…. I had no body to come to my rescue, because I’m new to ——boro… my lease was up. An I relocated out here’ from Charlotte. because of the great college’s for my daughter that will be attending soon. I was living @ the intown suite for months. The same day my truck broke down, I couldn’t continue working, couldn’t pay for the room . they put me an the kids out…in the rain, I call the police for a ride to the shelter. simply distraught!!! I’m here @ the YMCA shelter… My truck is in ……ville, near a Atm machine… I have a note, for the police informing, that I will have it towd to get it fixed. (just said that in faith) Well a young Lady here. @the shelter told me about this organization’ My eyes lite up ‘ I almost cried from the thought, of being able to get my truck off the streets an get back to work…. I can’t provide or do anything for myself or children!!!!
I’m praying an believing that somebody can help me…
I’ve never had a problem with my truck’ it Typically runs great! but God is defiantly doin something up there….
Taĺk to you soon!
God bless
Victim of Domestic Violence in Upstate NY has bad rear brakes and her car has to be inspected before July so she can keep working, she has an appointment Friday.


We had a van donated for the Redeeming Joy Ministry to trafficked women; they are picking it up next week!!!

We overcame a major problem with a used transmission for the family who had suffered two home fires.


I can not thank you enough for your prayers… we see miracles everyday thanks to them…Blessings, Robby