Just got off the phone with a very tearful mom of two whose car broke down in Wilmington, needs an engine. She and her husband used it to get to work and they have no idea what they are going to do. It would appear to me that we would be better to pray that someone would donate a car for them since it would be terribly expensive to tow that one clear to Winston Salem where they live and then repair it a 2001 Corolla.

Another family in a homeless shelter in another city in NC had their vehicle break down on the way to Durham and it has an extended warranty that is questioning if they will replace the engine…Please pray that the adjuster will show mercy to this poor family of 4 and replace this engine.

Please pray for donations for us we are totally out of money to help anyone right now beyond our many volunteers who donate labor hours, as we have no funds for parts… Along those lines pray for a parts sponsor would be AWESOME!!

Please pray for the Van we had donated for the Sex Trafficking Women’s shelter in NC, the brakes locked up on the way and we need to tow it back from Durham and then get it fixed.

I can not thank YOU enough for taking time to pray for these… Blessings, Robby