Single Mom Near Oxford, Durham NC Need for a Car Donation

I’m going through a domestic violence issue. And I’m trying my best to do everything on my own I dont have help I dont have a car to get and from work I have 6 kids and I have no help and I dont want to have to ask my abuser to keep helping so he can continue to hurt me.

Upstate New York – Needs Financial Assistance to get car repaired

single, 61 year old woman, on a reduced pension because I am too ill to keep working, yet I was not old enough for full benefits. Its a daily struggle to survive, and I am losing my home to back property and school taxes I can not meet. I am in dire circumstances and on my own.

Single Mom in High Point NC Needs Car Donation

My transmission did somethin crazy and now the car won’t run and I have to get my daughter her Christmas stuff in West Virginia

Family in Greensboro, NC Needs Car Donation

We are a family of 6 four children and two adults. I am also expecting baby number 5 due in December 27th . We are currently driving a Ford Taurus which is pretty small for the six of us and we are in need of a larger vehicle but unfortunately I’m not able financially to buy a vehicle on our own . We are living on one income. I my husband bring home $870 every two weeks our rent is $995, our water bill is 70 to $80 a month are Duke power bill is 100 to $120 a month our cell phone bill is $100 a month and of course we are tithers and we tied $208 a month. With that being said there is very little room left to try to buy a bigger vehicle and we we’re wondering if there was a family who had a larger vehicle that they no longer needed and could bless our family with.