Raleigh Area Car Donation Needed:

In need of a car . The car I had needed repair was going to have my dad look it but I took a chance to get a professional to look at it, I need my radiator, Cadillac converter and coil pack to be fix, just only had the money for my radiator and coil pack. Got it fix and paid him his money wasn’t much than I thought he would charge thought but anyways I was excited to know I was back in business and I can go back to work but then I started driving the car went to go get gas and smoke started coming from the hood and the car started to shake smh and at this time the mechanic guy is done gone, call him he said he was going to come after he ran some errands, hours pass still No mechanic, he done txt me later that night and said he will come in the morning so I was like ok fine..next morning which is today he came and looked at the car he said well your gasket is blown and my engine is messed up I was so stressed out at this point, I just didn’t know what to do anymore cuz I spent my money on buying these new parts for no reason and I can’t drive my car okayyyyy so to get an another opinion I took it to Nissan dealership to do an diagnostic, couple hours pass it came back that the mechanic before did not tighten up the lower hose on the radiator so all the coolant leak out and went into my engine and messed it up smh 🤦🏽‍♀️. I’m so helpless I still have payments on this car and I’m without a car. I’m single mother with a autistic 4 year old son about to be 5 in a week and therapy appointments to go to every week, if you can help it will be appreciated.
Thank you

DesMoines ,  Area Car Donation Needed: Really sweet lady.

Recent Window my car over-heated and blew the head gasket, I live in a rural area and really need a car. Currently have a loaned car but have to give it back…