This is certainly awkward,  but yes temptation got me and I was not being completely honest. Then of all things at a church meeting for the Calvary Car Show coming up June 2nd of all things, and even with Pastors present… WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT GOD?

God has clearly worked on me ever since I left the meeting Wednesday night. Unfortunately here is what happened; right at the end of the meeting after we prayed to ask Jesus to come to the car Show and help folks who don’t know him, that when I went and blurted out, “Yes we really need God to show up. He sure did at Sweetwater’s car show, (last month), I would say about 150 came to the alter after my message.”

Now the statement was true but I knew it was a lying spirit that I did not tell the whole story.

Yes, God did show up at Sweetwater and about 150 did people come forward, but that was Sunday morning after I spoke, not at the car show. This year at the Sweetwater Car Show they fed the people inside but felt they didn’t have room inside to do the Gospel presentation and trophies so I did share the gospel outside but there was no alter call, there was no alter. I just asked people to pray with me. Still God did showed up and it was a great event. Sunday morning was more amazing and many of those coming forward that morning I believe were praying for someone that they wanted to come to Jesus. As I shared my Johnny Hendrix Story,  For Days Late But Right on Time.

As I got into the car to leave the Holy Spirit was on me like white on rice. Oh, I knew what I had done and I asked God to forgive me several times and for a way out.. Even that night as I laid down I begged for God to forgive me, perhaps that prayer led to the dream.

A horrible nightmare for a car guy, I dreamt that a car dealer had asked me to help out while he was leaving for a couple days. While he was gone I appraised a Chevy Impala that was a few years old and a decent car. Having not appraised a car in a long time I decided to go by the book and the way I read the book it showed a value of $8,500. So I appraised it for 8K.

When the dealer came back he went crazy on me saying that the car was only worth about $5,000 and showed me the book which clearly said $5,500. I would guess this would not be a nightmare for the average person but for me I awoke horrified and humiliated not understanding why I keep having these car business dreams that hurt my heart.

Shortly after I went to my daily prayer time, still repentant about the lie and trying to make some sense of all I was experiencing. When I asked Jesus my word for the day from my daily prayer, He said, “Truth”. I then begged for a verse something to help me interpret what was going on and the Holy Spirit brought to mind Hosea 8:7 and shortly all came into focus.

Hosea 8:7 “They sow the wind, And reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no bud; It shall never produce meal. If it should produce,Aliens would swallow it up.

I heard an amazing teaching on God’s economy on this verse from the Stanfords, they shared a mental picture that when you sin you throw out one ping-pong ball, but you get hundreds back. That’s the bad news but in God’s economy if you sow one seed you get hundreds back.

 I could see that I had sown a lie and that gave Satan permission to turn lose the lying spirit on me and begin to reap my hundreds, there in the dream I believe a lying spirit showed me $8,500 and so I was reaping already.

Then I began to study the verse further and I saw something AMAZING!!! Sowing the “WIND” in Hebrew is “RAUGH”.. Yes you are sowing a spirit, and not coincidentally when you lie it comes out with wind or perhaps a lot of hot air…Kinda scary, huh… Hot (Hell) Wind, (Spirit).

The GREAT NEWS is after I completely repent, I can begin to SOW/Blow the fruit of The Holy Spirit, Love, Joy Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, and Self Control.

God lead me to did send an email and ask for forgiveness, I am so sorry… As I said God has shown me much about sowing a lying spirit since Wednesday, it is my heart to bring Jesus the glory, who is my only hope, and I pray this will not hurt the event, as I am so excited to share where there will be an alter.