In the movie, The Third Man On The Mountain Captain John Winter stops and pauses to look high above where most people ever go in the Swiss Alps and says to his young Mountain Climbing Guide. “I feel sorry for the people who never get to see this. ” What they were looking at above the clouds in the clear air was magnificent it was a view of the Alps only God and I would suppose only a few Mountain goats ever get to see.

The Journey with God through the Bible is like that at times, you climb and climb, slipping, crawling, getting lost, going the wrong way, then suddenly you pop around a corner and it takes your breath. That’s when its time to pause and just BEHOLD – its Holy and its amazing and it gives meaning to life, IT IS THE FACE OF GOD!! Clearly as we climb around in the 119 Psalm today on the show I am praying you get a piece of the view God has for you.