Back in the day as a New Car sales manager  I would put on a sales meeting every morning, always hungry for ideas for this task GMC Truck produced these video disks, (I told you it was back in the day) and one suggestion that took hold for me, that  I used for decades was the “Mutual Admiration Society”. Little did I know Jesus would use this concept to pour into my High School Sunday School class in miraculous ways.

It was simple to do but so amazingly effective. For the sales meeting, (and yes if you put on sales meetings use this, it is phenomenal!), I would put all the sale people’s names in a hat and have them draw out, not allowing you to draw your own name. When you drew a name it was your task to tell the whole group why you felt the person you drew was going to sell a car that day and why he or she is such a great sales person. I am telling you people are shocked when they find out that others think so highly of them. With this new self confidence attitudes and team work are greatly enhanced, but what happened in Sunday school really blew my mind.

Sales people are generally out spoken and have no trouble sharing their feelings about people, but teens are another story. So I prayed about how to do this with my High School Sunday school class I was teaching about 20 years ago and the Lord gave me the idea to put a piece of paper on everyone’s back and give each student a magic marker. Then without having to speak or even have the person see what you are writing they could share how that student was like Jesus to them. All I could find that morning for string was some bright red fuzzy yarn with which I assembled the 20 or so signs needed at the kitchen table. My two younger children and their mother laughed and ensured me that there was no way teens would put on such a sign, but I was determined to try and boy am I glad I did.

When I arrived at class I jumped right in and handed out the signs and markers. Going over the instructions, I told the students to take their time and write on each student how you felt they reflected Jesus. They leaped to their feet in JOY and I don’t believe the writing stopped for the next 45 minutes, it really was an amazing spirit filled class every week, but this week especially. I sensed it made a great impact but the spirit had a lesson for me that would take another few years to find out.

Those kids graduated that year and four years later after many had graduated from college we had a reunion Christmas party with the class, what a neat time to see how God had grown these amazing disciples. During all the festivities someone asked what was their favorite class of all the classes we had together, we had them for both their junior and senior years in high school. Quickly one student said “The Mutual Admiration Society”, then one student announced she still had her sign, then another and another. I was shocked and began to ponder why, why do you think?

I am guessing that all of us need to hear the truth about how we reflect Jesus, because the enemy comes in so many different ways to tell us we are not.  So to hear from someone you trust that they see Jesus in you is a truth worth holding onto. Finding a way to facilitate it with your community, family, church or work brings the Kingdom and a little taste of heaven.