Nahum’s Mat Part II
Narrator: Time Now for Christian Car Guy Theater…
With Today’s Episode Nahum’s Mat Part 2

Previously on Nahum’s Mat
Radio Distress Announcement: Break: Standby Mountain Rescue Team C for Emergency Beaver County Sherriff’s Report: We have four missing Hikers, repeat 4 missing hikers due back Last night: Will Identify as the Andrew’s group.
Mick RockerArm: Dudes, this is what we’ve been pushin for this adventure Rocks. We’ll have those hikers safe before morning this could be just the opportunity I have been waiting for, what a chance to show off a special something I like to call my heavy metal booster.

Marcy Lindsey: Darina, he’s unconscious I can reach down and touch his face and feel his hair but he’s not moving, he’s warm to my touch. I hope he’s still alive.

Darina: Really Marcy, leave him, this time he not only got himself beyond help he’s endangered my baby. Grab the rug and come up to a safer place. I’m with Jeff leave him in the pit of hell where he belongs.

Jeff: Marcy!! Grab the rug can you see it I see a streak of light down there. Can you see it?

Marcy: Yes! I see it, but I’m not leaving Blake, hmmm there’s some kind of old writing on that rug, maybe it’s a map out of here… It says let’s see, It says Nahum’s Mat: Mark 2 ..What in the world? More Craziness. I am not leaving Blake!
Jimmy: Breaker, this is Mountain Rescue C Jeep headed for Lou Lou City. Had a engine mishap broke all the rockers, I’m headed by foot to Lou Lou city to see what I can find, Hikers or parts…

Darina: Man this is too creepy, listen to this Bible story: And when he returned to Capernaum after some days, it was reported that he was at home. And many were gathered together, so that there was no more room, not even at the door. And he was preaching the word to them. 3 And they came, bringing to him a paralytic carried by four men. 4 And when they could not get near him because of the crowd, they removed the roof above him, and when they had made an opening, they let down the bed on which the paralytic lay. 5 And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”
Marcy, Darina, Blake: Hey, Hey we’re down here who’s out there!!!
New Episode

SFX: footsteps turning to scratching and digging and growling of wolves…
Blake: Sounds like wolves they smell blood, is anyone bleeding.
Jeff(just awakening): Yeah I guess that’s me I got a pretty bad gash on my leg, I didn’t want to worry anyone.
Darina: Blake!, Jeff! someone help they’re almost on me…
SFX…wolves running and growling.
SFX… Flare exploding
Jimmy: Scram get out a here before I set you all on fire…
Sfx…wolves wimpering running away
Jimmy: Hey!, is anyone down there: are you the Andrews Hikers…
Blake, Darina, Jeff and Marcy: Yes, Oh Thank God you got here when you did,
Jeff: Yes it’s us we fell down this old mine shaft, be careful or you’ll fall through as well. Don’t come any closer..
Jimmy: yes, I’ll stay put and radio for help:
Breaker, this is Mountain Rescue C. I found them. They’ve fallen down the old Lou Lou city mine shaft.
Sheriff’s Office: Roger that Jimmy, is anyone hurt?
Jeff(yelling from the shaft): Yes! Blake can’t feel his legs he fell the furthest may have broken his back!

Jimmy: Affirmative, Blake may have a spinal injury he can’t feel his legs and I’m told he fell the furthest.

Sheriff’s Office: copy that: Can you get to them Jimmy?

Jimmy: Negative, they fell through the floor and are asking me to stay back for fear I will fall in as well, plus it seems they are all at different levels of the old shaft.

Sheriff’s Office: Roger that Jimmy, I’ll see if we can get Old Nahum up there, he’s the only miner left that knows the old mine. Well need to send for the mine rescue team and their equipment in Leadville it’s going to be awhile, Jimmy. Try to keep everyone calm.

Jimmy:10-4 I’ll do what I can Sheriff.

Blake(gasping for air): I don’t know that I’ll be here when they get here from Leadville, I’m really struggling to get my breath.

Jimmy: Breaker, Breaker Rescue C, Blake is struggling to breathe not sure he can hold on that long sheriff.

Sheriff’s Office: Jimmy don’t try to get to him all we can do is pray now, we’ll get there as fast as we can.

Jimmy: 10-4 Sherriff

Marcy: Blake hold, please hold on… remember you’re going to be a daddy, your child will need you.

Jeff: You all may think I’m nuts but a while ago when I dosed off I had a dream, and I dreamed a dream just like the Bible story you guys read about, the dude that his friends lowered him down on the mat to Jesus.

The part of the dream that startled me was that, we were the ones lowering Blake down to Jesus on the mat and when Jesus told Blake, (the paralytic in this case) that his sins were forgiven. At that moment Jesus looked straight at me saying with His eyes that it was us that had forgiven Blake for getting us into this mine shaft. Jesus was acknowledging our forgiveness when he said “Take heart your sins are forgiven” it was us the three of us lowering him on that mat. Somehow I knew that it was our forgiveness that was in effect lowering Blake into Jesus arms.

Narrator: While Jeff explained his dream little did he know the rocker arms in Jimmy’s pocket heard every word.

Renee: Rex, I’m guessing that we are in the same situation here. If we forgive Mick and Roxy we could be placing them in a place of healing at Jesus feet.

Rex: Those Rockers have left a lot of hard feelings Renee, Sort of a Rocker Armageddon…Not sure I have that in me girl.

Narrator: Then Darina Cried out from the shaft…

Darina: forgiveness may be easy for you Jeff and Marcy but I’m not about to destroy my life by allowing Blake in it again.

Blake Coughs Faintly: It don’t matter much now anyway I don’t think I have ten more breaths…

SFX another car drives up…

Jimmy: Hey down in the shaft, I think this is old Nahum he knows this mine like the back of his hand hold on.

SFX car door slams:

Nahum: What in the world is going on here, Jimmy?

Jimmy: Well these hikers…

Narrator: while Jimmy explains the situation to old Nahum, Renne RockerArm begins to plead again with Rex.

Renee: It’s pretty clear in the Manual Rex that “what we bind here on earth will be bound in heaven and what we lose here on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Do you really want to hold onto that hurt and resentment, do you want me to pray with you that you will strong arm it and forgive.

Rex: Ok, Ok Renee, I’ll try what you say if it takes all day you go on and pray.

Renee: Lord, give us grace for Mick and Roxy right now help us to lean on the everlasting arms to lay down all that we are holding and lower Mick and Roxy on this shop towel down to your feet where you can make them whole.

Narrator: As Nahum looks over the situation he calls down to Blake.

Nahum: Hey! You in the mine with the broken back, can you hold on a few more breaths?

Blake coughing quietly: I don’t think so.

Nahum: Bad, Bad…The most important thing right now is boy, is do you know if you die, will you go to heaven?

Blake (quietly with almost his last breath): Never though about it..

Nahum: Right now then, boy do you know Jesus, do you know what He did for you do you know He is God’s Son?


Marcy: Darina! We have got to forgive Blake right now, it may be the only chance he has to be in heaven to not spend eternity in Hell. Darina, you have got to let him down on the Mat just like Jeff said let him down to Jesus Feet.

Nahum: There was an old rug right about where you fell youngins, did you see it?

Jeff: Yes! It has a Bible verse on it!

Nahum: Right, without that rug, Boy I would have spent my eternity in hell. Like you I played the fool in this mine drinking so drunk I swung a sledge back and loosed a timber that caused a cave in, trapping me and my best friend.

That friend’s dad was the one that lowered that same rug down to get me out, but he placed that Bible verse to share with me the value of forgiveness.

Now, boy if you can hear me. That same Jesus died on a cross to take away the penalty of my crazy drinking and almost getting us all killed. Then Jesus helped my friend’s dad forgive me and not only save me from the mine but tell me how to know God’s son. That forgiveness showed me what it felt like and actually lowered me into the arms of my savoir. Kids, if you ever prayed, now’s the time, this is more than a matter of life and death. It’s eternal damnation we are talking about here…

Can you really sentence this boy to hell or will you lower him on the Mat to Jesus?

Narrator: Tune in Saturday August 22nd for the next episode of Nahum’s Mat