I’m interested in meeting you where you are and helping you realize your inspired intentions, sort through a new reality, or painful challenge, find resources and spiritual perspectives to empower you to move through your need, possibility, pain, or life transition. I work with clients with various hopes and dreams in all kinds of stages of creation or disruption—those desiring to make lifestyle changes, those deeply hurting whose worlds have suddenly imploded, and those who wish to reach new heights—-those tired of going through the motions without feeling the power and joy of an abundant life. I believe in a redemptive approach and overlay all coaching with spiritual care and nurturing, according to your needs. I care about where you are and where you want to be. I know that solutions exist and that, through coaching and partnering together, they can be revealed and opened to you.
I’m also particularly interested in helping women who’ve experienced relational trauma, those betrayed by others sexually or otherwise—who may have few resources to deal with the level of deception, gas lighting, high-tech or other acting out behaviors they’ve encountered. My passion here is to help women in these situations know how to move forward, receive the mental and spiritual education, personal direction and power they need in order to heal. I work with a new trauma model for partners of sexual addicts (which applies to other trauma as well) developed by Barb Steffens and colleagues at APSATS. It empowers women to make choices, find safety, and unfold a new vision for their life, and includes psycho-education, and safe sharing.
In spite of the paralyzing fear relational trauma brings, you can know how to proceed. Right now, your dreams may be shattered, but I’m here to help you name your losses and mourn those, deal with unresolved grief, and to learn to move forward as you are ready. You can regain spiritual confidence and your identity can heal and be strengthened.
In such cases, I will hold you in your pain and lead you gently to Christ who suffered that very pain, as you are ready. There is a place for simply experiencing, processing, sharing safely, and coming to terms with the loss. And then, in time — I know that our ultimate dreams can be resurrected and our trials lead only to peace. We become women of greater significance as we become through affliction, and there is a way through and beyond to a far greater design than may be presently visible. Ultimately, we see with a clearer vision. The story isn’t over. And there is an Author and a Finisher, who brings us through and to a promised land.
I’ve been on the other side of relational challenge for 12 years, and it’s her time to give back. Karen has two beautiful daughters, two son-in-laws she loves, and 3 grandchildren.

I’m from Philadelphia originally, and am Italian-American descent. My surname, Trifiletti, is a give-away! I’ve Masters and Doctoral studies in Human Development and have completed APSATS training in a multidimensional partner trauma model for partners of sex addicts. I’m a certified trauma partner coach candidate, and am also getting Board Certified in life and relationship coaching. I now live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I work with clients

An Advocate with Religious Leaders
I also happen to be spearheading an interfaith effort to educate religious leaders on understanding the needs and experiences of partners of sexual addicts — in tandem with their already existent desires to help the sincere recovering addict.
I’m so eager to hear from you, learn with you, sit with you and talk over gelato or by tele-conference or in her home office, and walk alongside you as you experience the growth you desire.
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For a free, 30-minute private, personal consult with me, Karen, please click here and schedule a time. Don’t hesitate for a moment, if you feel this is right for you. If you’ve no other safe place to go to share, please do this for yourself. You need a place to tell your story and to understand your responses to the trauma you’re experiencing, so you can begin to see things clearly, get to a place of emotional and physical safety, identify what you can do to heal and to move forward. Isolation will only hurt and keep you stuck. I’d love to talk with you and walk alongside you, as you grapple with what you never expected to grapple with. I get this. You can get through this. I promise. Schedule a personal call now by clicking here: Call Now