Needy, Needy, Needy, yep I am a needy guy does that make me weak or strong? How about you would say you are needy or independent? God showed me something even more puzzling this week, I believe, (although I know I’m a bull in a china shop, this stuff is way over my head), I could make a case for God being needy. We are made in His image, and in this case perhaps more importantly, after His, likeness, from Genesis 1:26

Image: In Hebrew צלם

Likeness in Hebrew דמות

When you see the work image there it’s a masculine noun starts with a Tzadik (righteous) then a lamed(heart) and a mem(King or Mesiah).

Likeness in Hebrew a starts with a Dalet, then the rest of the word is death, yes the Mem, Vuv, Tav. Yes when you quit needing you are dead. The dalet is the word for poor or needy. It follows the gimel in the hebrew alpha bet as the sages teach that the gimel chases after the dalet to give, with gimel meaning to travel and to give. The dalet is a door or poor person….

The words need and want demonstrate even more … from Deut. 15:8

Need – מחסור

Want – חסר

Without going into huge details look at the letters for yourself, clearly need has more because it starts with a Mem, (King Mesiah) then the want is inside with the Vuv – a connector to the Resh or the head… Simply put Jesus knows what we need, our wants are independent of the mem/King and the vuv/ Jacobs Ladder connector. When we get Jesus into the MIX we have a need.

Going back to we were made in His image and after His Likeness.. Jesus said in Matthew 11:29 He is Humble.

Bleesed are the needy/poor in spirit… Look at King David’s Name Dalet Vuv Dalet – you couldn’t get more needy… Just sayin…

David – דוד

Lord I need you, yes I need you….