It seems like all year God has been showing me trees and their connection to Jesus, from Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall I feel like if you look they CALL – Jesus is here. Remember, Remember Me.

In Hebrew ‘Ets an Ayin and a Tzadik as if with the word tree you see righteousness. Surely they always point toward the Sun/Son. So very, very much more. This Link is the oldest Hebrew script ever found from the time of King David a pot had these letters on it… Now if you use that ancient script to write out Deut. 21: 22 from left to right it looks like the plate below top line – next line – current Hebrew and then English.

You can’t help but note the top line – Three crosses, two nails, two eyes, two shepherds staffs and the last letter is a tzadik looks like a tree and is meant to.

Now here is another plate with tree references through Lev. 14 – note the righteousness and the relationship to God.

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas Tree, How beautiful are your branches.