#1 Please Pray for Applicant #50666 Unfortunately we have no one in her area and no money currently to help her.WE have had this application since the 21st of July.

Her Story: you can’t help everybody but if you can help me it would be a life saver, I’m a single disabled mother of four,I have no choice but to find a job .i recently went to the workforce to get help finding a job the day they say I’m approved to be in this program and they got a desk job for me ,my car messes up .i need this car so I can provide for my kids .my son just graduated in may he wants to work because we are struggling,I really could use a miracle right now ,don’t get me wrong Jesus has been great to me and my kids .when we need he’s there for us .i no that everybody has tough times ,and this is mine .but even if you can’t fix my car we will be ok as long as I have Jesus in my heart and soul everything will work ,I’ve never

heard of this wonderful thing you are doing for people but I want say there should be more people in the world like you.God bless you


#2 Please Pray for someone to donate another van for the Redeeming Joy ministry to recovering sex trafficking victims. We had a van donated and it took to much work to get is usable so these folks are really in need in the North Carolina Area.