#1 Will you help me fix my car? Many losses in Kentucky and victim of abuse,  damaging harassment that goes hand in hand with abuse matters.

My car needed to make my doctor appts.  Therapy and care for my mare.  I moved to Kentucky with great competitive horses only to be stalked by controlling Hispanic brothers and ex.  Too many financial blows delivered and I loss horses Harlington colt three AP Indy grand sired yearlings. I am a victim of criminal family and proved that other crimes committed.  I am waiting for all to be investigated,  it has been an awful costly experience. It includes physical assault and emotional abuse. It left me with shattered dreams and memory deficit as well as mental issues.  I am currently awaiting my private insurance benefits that have been held up by more harassing calls from brother who acts like my dad.  My dad died in 1970. Please help me with my car it has engine replaced less than a year ago but starter may be out?  It is a #####&&&. I need this car fixed asap. I will wait for your call,  also not affiliated with a church anymore.  Does this matter?
I am Catholic. Only been to mass at St Paul on Short st Lexington Ky.

Car Needs a New Starter and towing, currently we don’t have the money

#2 Moved here from Texas after the death of my daughter trying to start a better life for me my to boys 4&14 Then I became seriously ill w/systemic lupus, diabetes,copd using a wheelchair now trying to keep my head above water for the sake of my beautiful children .My car is all I have left from my daughter but the brakes and others problems with the car happened a/c ,rotors,power steering w/out unable to go to the store ,Dr appointments, pharmacy, basic things.

Car Needs Brakes, rotors,wheel bearings, currently we don’t have the money


#3 Only receive monthly income, senior citizen, car was given to me….

Car Needs Brakes, air and heat , tires, and paint, Currently we don’t have the money


#4  I don’t have a job right now , I was in an hit and run , so I have a disability , so I am Believing God for my Disability approval that would help me to pay my bills but at this time I don’t have income benefits. An

Car Needs an Oil-Pan Currently we don’t have the money


#6 We have completely deleted out financial resources so right now we can just help with labor on these or any new applications ….

Please join me in praying for these needs… THANK YOU and blessings … Robby