Explanation of Need: My husband, 3 children and I just moved to Louisville from Lexington because of it being so hard to find good work, and the area we was in was a very violent area and I was scared a bullet was doing to fly through the wall and hit one of my babies while they slept. So now we are staying in a 1 bedroom apartment with my husband’s brother. But that is ok for now. Let’s rewind 2 years ago. God blessed my family and I with a beautiful baby girl. The day after she was born we found out that she had a heart defect that would kill her if it wasn’t fixed. So at 3 days old my princess had her chest opened and by the grace of God he led the Dr to fix her tiny little heart. Today she is perfect (other than her spunky little attitude :)). But after that with all the Dr apts we had to get her to my dad baught us a car. It wasn’t in bad shape, there ware a few things wrong with it but it got us to work, her apts, and when daddy was off work it got us to church. Then all if a sudden (and it’s so weird that the devil picked this day) but Easter Sunday when we was on our was home from church it started shaking really hard and wouldn’t go over 40 mph. We got the radiator fixed and it broke down again. Its like every time we fix something, something else messes up. Its been down since May. Now that we are in Louisville my husband has a $12 an hour job promised to him and i have the oppertunity to get on at Amazon, but I can’t even get to the place to fill out the application without a vehicle. Our vehicle is in lexington at my mother’s house right now. I have been praying that this ministry can help us. I hate to ask for help but when your desperate and need to provide for your family but can’t without a car it’s kind of hard to not ask for help!

Vehicle Make*: Volkswagen
Vehicle Model: Passat
Vehicle Year or Aprox*: 2003