Explantion of need: I am married to my husband who works full time at taco ,I stay at home with my two children because we cannot afford daycare. My 4 year son has many disabilities with one including quadriplegic cerebral palsy. The only vehicle we have is our wheelchair accessible van . the van was bought by my father for us to be able to bring our son to his many doctors appointments it is a 1990 dodge caravan with wheelchair tie downs and a automatic lift. We cannot afford the repairs needed for this van and we are scared that it will become inoperable and we will have no way for my husband to work or for our son to get to appointments.
Repairs or Maintenance Needed *: The automatic door has stopped working so we unhooked tit from the system and have it rigged with a bungie cord to keep the door closed when we drive. But that’s not the main issue. We recently took it to merchants for an oil change and they gave us a list of repairs the van needs which includes : 8349 alternator drive belt r&r all appli, serpentine belt alt, new serpentine belt, tie rod &or ends r&r one, steering tie rod, 2640 valve cover gasket r&r 3.0 L eng, BOT, new engine valve cover gasket, wheel alignment, they qouted all the main things for $705.00
Preferred Date and Time of Repairs*: 10/02/2015 08:30 AM
Vehicle Make*: Dodge
Vehicle Model: Caravan
Vehicle Year or Aprox*: 990