Single Mom
Explantion of need I bought a car in July for 1400 dollars and the car have stop running correctly for me. I was told that it needs a cadilac converter and I know it needs something else but, I haven’t had a mechanic see what else is needed yet. However I do know that it needs a cadilac converter. I attend college full time at Ashford University online and I’m waiting for a refund check to come so I can get the car fixed. I needed assistance with getting the car fixed because, I’m not working and I have to move soon therefore, I won’t have enough money to cover the cost of parts and labor to get the car fixed. If you can help me and my two boys I will be forever grateful and blessed.
Repairs or Maintenance Needed Cadilac Converter, I believe a EKG valve and tune up is needed. I already pay car insurance for it with Allstate.