Jesus Labor of Love Twitter Tested

My van is the only means of transportation. I am a father of 2 (5yrs and 6yrs) and I don’t live in an area that has consistent public transportation if at all on some days. I have been pouring money into my vehicle trying to keep it on the road but recently hit a roadblock. With these current issues i have been unable to take my children to visit their grandparents, make it to church or continue with the ministry working with the elderly and youth. They are all over an hour away and its not safe to travel that far. The church is small upstart less than 3 yrs and i was dedicated to assisting the elderly running errands and checking on them as well as supporting the youth, going to games and running the youth groups. I just recently had to cancel our trip to NJ that was scheduled for this week because of this issue.

I have missed days at work because there is limited public transportation and at nights there is none.

I am not sure if the car can be fixed but I believe that an honest mechanic will tell me the truth. Just over the past few months I’ve been back and forth to the mechanic unfortunately after spending close to $3,000 on the car I was recently told that my car may not be worth being fixed, however this was only after I questioned how the fixes they were claiming needed to be done were missed previously. I am no mechanic but things didn’t make sense to me… and when I asked simple questions to get clarity such as “when you change the power steering pump the hoses don’t have to be checked?” That’s when they wrote the car off.

At this point I don’t have much left and need assistance even if it’s a payment plan to get the car safely on the road so I can transport my children and others.


2003 Kia Sophia