Single Mom: North Carolina: I’ve had to apply for disability because of all my medical problems. Cant hold a job because of my medical issues an then I’m constantly getting called away for one of my kids who all have their each diagnosis ranging from ADHD PTSD an autism. I’ve been told my transmission needs to be replaced. We love nowhere near a bus stop. I have to be able to get my kids to school an then work when I can.

PLease Pray God will help us raise some finacial support for her she just needs $137 to get some parts she is doing the job herself….

The desperation in her voice tells me this is EURGENT…THANK YOU!!

Single Mom: Fort Wayne Indiana: I’m struggling with money to pay my bills and my car stopped running so I can’t make it to work.

Please pray we can find her some one to tow her car in Ft Wayne and figure out what is going on, it won’t start a 97 Linclon, that God would meet this need she sounds awfully upset.