Here is a request for prayer I got this week from The Triad in North Carolina:

I don’t know anything about you really… but from what I heard I pray God blesses you even more so.
I was told if I find you that you pray for people like me.
I sure could use some prayers.
I’m hanging onto God … as best I can.
I lost my dad and my husband. And from those moments on terrible things keep happening. I lost everything…
One of which…
My car broke down last summer. So with no money, I rode my bike for seven months through the heat and then the snow and ice of the winter. I’m almost 60 with health problems. And no health insurance. 
After seven months of pushing and riding the bicycle… my church gave me the $800 I needed to pay to fix the car. 
But then it turned out it cost twice that till the job was done. The mechanic I had is an honest good Christian man… just things got mixed up. So I gave him the $800 the church blessed me with…..and was gonna walk away without the car because I couldn’t promise payments for the rest.(not even $10 a month…. before I lost my family I had a new beginning ..thriving business in this city( helping people heal) … it had just begun making a profit… after the deaths in my family, everything fell apart. I have hung onto my business- gone without eating… to keep it. And also have gotten a part time job)
The mechanic insisted I take the car and pay when I could… no matter how long out. So I reluctantly did. 
I was driving the car for two months- businesses was building again for the first time… and just the other day.. it broke down again. It’s beyond anything I can do now…
The first time it was the “lift” .. it’s an All Road Audi 2003. It stopped working and dropped the car down on the front tires. 
I thought it was all one “lift”…. this time the back made a huge “air sound”… and dropped the car down onto the back tires… 
I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I just need prayer for a new car. I really need a working dependable car. 
After my family was taken from me I didn’t want to live… I love life..but I’m fighting this again. I have a strong relationship with God Through all this… but a persons body can only take so much let alone their heart and spirit..
I’m walking to the other side of the city, to still get to a job, to make a couple dollars and hope I can still fight to keep my utilities on. 
I’m tired… and so broken…I need a miracle. A real miracle..
Thanks for listening…and for prayers.
All things work together….
God Bless you.

Another tough situation around Spartanburg, SC

Unexpected death of my husband killed on wade hampton while I was at work April 18 2018 due to extreme stress and PTSD I had a severe panic attack May 2018 causing me to lose conscience and fall face first hard on asphalt breaking and knocking all front teeth out had maxiofacial surgery then fitted for dentures lots of adjustment and out of work until just recently my brother in law suffered cardiac arrest in December 2018 was on life support..went to heaven to be with his brother on the 5th. I currently stay with my sister but moving back to my parents she is relocating. My mom and dad are in early 80s and financially stretched retired fixed income we bought our car 11 years ago used on Craigslist for 2200.00 she has been dependable until last couple years. I just started working PT at Spinx am in counseling for grief depression and PTSD. I’m 57 and tired. If not for my strong Faith in God I just don’t know..I rely on HIS WORD “To you oh Lord I lift up my YOU Oh God I trust” without my car I can’t get to work counseling support groups church or to see my sons my grandbabies. So I’m reaching out in Faith for a miracle

Another Need this time for repairs:

FINALLY transitioning from being Homeless…. Now, God has Blessed Me With MY OWN PLACE…. Praise be the GLORY to GOD 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙏 🙏😇 🙏🙏 😇🙏 🙏😇 🙏🙌🙌🙏 🙏😇 🙏🙏 😇. 2 WEEKS AGO. I am currently in 2 types of Heart Failure, Diabetic, Cushing’s Syndrome, HTN, Depression, Etc…. My Car Won’t Crank at ALL. NOT the battery, Alternator, Engine Not Locked Up, CLEAN OIL in tank,. Mechanic says STARTER.